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“I would do her until next Tuesday over and over if you know what I mean.”

“Indaris 1, Witch Bitch 0.”

“You just ‘Pop in,’ get dinner with a Prime Minister, Get a date with a hot priestess, and then just Teleport back home.”
“If I had a gold coin for every time mentioned they would vanquish me, I would be able to …. …well I would have some gold coins.”

“It is a little-known phenomenon of the diminutive stature that we of vertical-challenge require exaggerated amounts of rest and relaxation and even pampering”

"Well, it might be that she fled because her entire army was caused to flee before (Ra’s Will).”
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An Epic Palladium Fantasy Game, played via Skype and Roll20.
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A God…Rebuilt has passed the 275 fans mark, and is a top 5 campaign! Thanks to everyone that follows the adventures of CrIsis – it is extremely humbling to know that our journeys rebuilding Osiris have captured your interest! We appreciate it!

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