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Symbol of Rising Sun, Justice, Retribution & Love

The adopted son of Isis and Osiris. Champion of light and justice. He hates Set and Anubis above all other dark gods because they are responsible for Osiris’ death.

Horus is gentle and caring, especially toward the weaker mortal creatures of the Palladium world. He has chosen Chu to assist in the rebuilding of his adopted father. With Chu departing the group, does that mean Horus’ support has left CrIsis?

The answer is a resounding no, as he agrees to allow one of his stronger champions, Robert the Just, to assist CrIsis as 1st Mate, and protector of Matilda.

After Robert the Just is killed tragically, Horus responds by sending two followers to CrIsis. First, Alric the cheerful Elven former assassin, and then Drauka, the exiled Danzi warrior. Currently no one represents Horus in the group.

The symbol for Horus is the feather of Ma’at.

Picture from the awesome James Ryman.


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