Horus Light

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Overkill’s Runic Armor, it dates back to the Elf-Dwarf War, where it was actually worn by King Wurgeld Goldenbeard IV! King Wurgeld was the last dwarven king to defeat the elves, and forge a peace. After his death, fighting began anew, and resulted in the terrible destruction from which Palladium has still never recovered.

It is given to Overkill by Horus himself, after Overkill’s sixth successful resurrection, and his visit to the Agent. It is shining golden full plate armor, head to toe. It has the following powers/stats.

AR 17/Critical (special)- Projectile AR-17 Does normal damage to armor. HTH AR- must be a nat 20, death blow, knockout or a critical strike!! Otherwise it hits armor, and only does 25% damage (round up)
SDC 450 Regenerates 3D6 SDC/day- at sunrise- must be in line of sun, even if cloudy/rainy
Featherlight (Same penalties as Leather -5% to Prowl, Climb, Swim, etc)
Buoyant (Floats in water)
Globe of True Sunlight (as wizard spell, 3x/day)

Picture by Paolo Cagampan.


Horus Light

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