Humara Krins

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Holy Lance of Thoth

This lance is silver with strange markings in a snake pattern from handle to tip. It does 4D6+2 Damage. It was given to Karma by Thoth himself. She had only tested this new weapon a few times when she joined CrIsis. It is 10’ long.

The name Karma gave the lance originally was Shinsengumi.
It is a true rune weapon.

Glows red when within 1000’ of demons, deevils, and minions of dark.
+ 1 on all saving throws when in her hands.
Sense weapon 4 miles.
Its alignment is the same as Karma’s, scrupulous.
Last owner, before Thoth, was Mileena Ne’klosh, 4000 years ago!

It used to recognize weapon quality and sense evil and good, but those spells, placed by Thoth, wore off on Humara’s 4000th birthday, Majestic 6, 110.

Karma and Humara are now fully bonded. They have conversations regularly.

Thoth again infuses the weapon with power on Lemaria on Thoth 7, 110. He does this at Gavin’s request, and Thoth states that the recognize weapon quality and sense evil/good by touch abilities have been restored.

It will do 2x damage to demons/deevils/ minions of Taut, Gods of Taut. They will not be able to regenerate this damage!!
Also spell Strength of Utgard Loki 2x/day 5th Level (10 melee rds, self or 1 person touched by lance)
Gives character 2D6+ 6 SDC, 1 extra attack, +2 strike, parry, dam, and pull punch. Turns PS to Supernatural!
(Karma means + 3D6 damage if using Humara, or if dropped, standard 4D6 damage)
Sense supernatural evil by touch.

The weapon was stripped from Karma by Bennu.

Picture from Round Table Images.


Humara Krins

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