Ice Claw Tribe

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The Ice Claw Tribe was once a very integral part of the Wolfen Empire until a rival tribe was massacred in the night. The Wolfen Council suspected the Ice Claw Tribe of the massacre until further evidence was found pointing toward a source outside the empire. The Council in an effort to appease the people kept things under control and to stop speculation from running rampant decided to send the tribe to the Northern Hinterlands in order to create a foothold in that territory as well as silence the rumors floating about. So it was that the Ice Claw tribe was expatriated to the northern hinterlands to help expand the Wolfen Empires foothold in this region, well not officially.

The first few years in the region were touch and go at first until other clans were dispatched these wolfen bolstered the expatriated clan, and the local Kankoran began to assist the new wolfen in the region. In a way this helped to solidify their hold in the region. This however, did not last long soon the five local goblin tribes began a conflict with the wolfen believing them a hostile threat not to be ignored. The conflict lasted ten years and in the end the goblins capitulated to the wolfen. The wolfen soon sent in teachers, craftsmen and tradesmen to the five goblin tribes to teach them about economics, mathematics, and education, the wolfen did this in order to make any future dealings easier.

Over the next two decades the bond between goblin, wolfen and Kankoran grew to unprecedented heights. It was then that the Goblin Chief Rekel of the Rockgrinder tribe discovered gold within his warren home, this was discovered while expanding their cave network. Chief Rekel came to the Ice Claw Tribe and brokered a great deal for both tribes. The Goblins would mine the gold and deliver it to the wolfen who would then supply the goblins with tools, food, weapons and armor. At the time Harrley the Chief of the Ice Claws thought the deal was poorly made but his son Greldarr told him to make the deal with the goblins. As it turned out the other goblin tribes at this time too had acquired goods and services to supply the wolfen as well. Iron, Coal, Vegetable stuffs and goats. The knowledge they’d taught the goblins had comeback to benefit them. With all the goblin tribes getting new equipment, tools and war gear. The community prospered even more.

However, it was then that the Goblin Chief Rekel once again came to the chief of the Ice Claw Tribe to ask another request. He wanted training for his warriors, what good was good quality weapons and armor if his warriors were poorly trained. Harrley was appalled at the thought of doing such a thing, and yet again his son Greldarr told him to do so for the good of the tribe. And so in secrecy with only five wolfen, other than the chief himself knowing about the strange request he sent them to train the goblins. His oldest daughter and three of the best wolfen trainers went to the training compound they used and taught the ten goblins everything they knew. Greldarr stayed in that compound too and watched what became of the new soldiers of the community.

On the day of the ten goblins graduation two local Kankoran came to the compound to report gargoyles had been seen coming thru the forest in direction of the compound. With the compound empty except for the fifteen of them and the two Kankoran, they decided to make the best of it. In the end they threw back the gargoyle force. However, the price was high in their hearts Raynara, Vleck and Crag were missing. Everyone left within the compound were injured some very severely, however, with a priest of light in their midst Greldarr healed those who he could, and yet they still had one dead goblin, and three missing companions to make the victory bittersweet. It was then that Greldarr went to the dead goblins side Grilbee, he prayed to the gods so that they would grant him a boon and return the warrior back. If it had not been for his brave stand at the gates more of them would have died. The gods smiled on him then for the goblin was given life once again. This did make the battle less bitter, but his sister and the two goblins were still missing.

Greldarr wanted desperately to go into the forest after his sister, but he knew only death would await them. There were still gargoyles out there and the small group they had couldn’t help much under the circumstances. As they began their clean up the goblin on watch Ta from the Rotgut Tribe started yelling something at the top of his lungs. Greldarr reached the battlements in time to see his Sister Raynara being dragged on a litter from the woods by the two obviously struggling goblins. Crag holding one bar and Vleck who was wearing a strange set of metal armor that he’d not had before the battle. Greldarr dashed down and began the process of healing his sister she was just knocked unconscious, however he prayed and spent the next few hours over her making sure that nothing changed.

Shortly after, they discussed the battle amongst themselves and found that what had saved them was that the group had splinted into groups of three a wolfen and two goblins the goblins and wolfen worked so well as a team the gargoyles had very few chances to score hits, and the goblins ferocity too must have confused them. Cause normally outnumbered and poorly trained goblins often fled from battle which made their deaths so much easier. In the end after they healed a bit they tested out the two goblin, one wolfen theory and found it worked fairly well. Raynara ended up demonstrating these tactics with her two goblin saviors against ten wolfen who were the aggressors. In the end it was an astoundingly one sided battle.

After the Demonstration for the five goblin chiefs and Chief Harrley it was obvious the great benefits of intermingling the defenses of the goblins and the small wolfen fiefdom. The five goblin Chiefs discussed it and it was agreed that the goblin warriors would train with the wolfen. And so in the spirit of cooperation and necessity the unity between the races grew. The wolfen sent out their troops to clear the last of the gargoyles from the forest and the goblins sent another ten warriors from each tribe to be trained with wolfen partners. Things began to grow and strengthen quickly and the ten goblins and their wolfen partners became a strong scouting force that turned back many small incursions into the wolfen territory.

So the unity grew and Raynara, Vleck and Crag became heroes of the community, it seems that Vleck had finally found a god he could believe in, Crag was the smallest goblin anyone had ever seen and yet the fiercest when fighting larger foes. Raynara too had become the most notorious long bowmen that her enemies fell like wheat before the scythe. It’s a strange thing that happened here in the hinterlands and many terrible and fierce things live here and yet these two races united and prospered. The goblins here have found a new way to live and grow their old ways now almost forgotten, because who doesn’t like to be warm at night have a full belly everyday and become stronger.

The Wolfen Council soon requested Raynara and her two goblin compatriots to assist in the training of their troops in the Eastern Territories. So the knowledge and ideals of the small tribe would soon expand into new territories and lands and in so doing expand the scope and strength of the Wolfen Empire and in so doing strengthen its tolerance and ideals even further.


Ice Claw Tribe

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