Immortality: Simple - Spell Of Legend

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Once a character casts this upon themselves or is the recipient of the ritual, they stop aging and is immune to all natural disease and sickness. Magical diseases still affect the immortal character normally. They can still be killed by weapons and violence, they will not die a natural death. Once they reach physical maturity (for their particular race), the body stops aging and will retain its youthful appearance and physical attributes forever. No wrinkles will appear, no loss of muscle tone, no hardening of the arteries, no heart attacks, etc. Nothing associated with aging, illness, or natural death will ever affect the character.

Bonuses & Abilities:
✠ Immune to all natural diseases, sickness, and radiation.
✠ Natural toxic gases and poisons do only one third their normal damage and effects last only one third as long. Man-made poisons, drugs, chemicals and toxins last half as long and are half as effective and damaging.
✠ Heals twice as fast, without scarring. Limbs and appendages that are amputated do not regenerate. Can recover from damage as excessive as 50 Hit Points (or their P.E.; whichever is greater), below zero, provided he has not been decapitated or the brain or heart completely destroyed.

Add and Roll these bonuses after becoming an Immortal via this spell:

+ 3 to save vs Horror Factor + 5 to save vs possession.
+ 1D6 to Hit Points + 2D6 to S.D.C.
+1D6 to P.B. +1D4 to M.E. +1D4 to P.E.

On Rifts: Earth their S.D.C. and Hit Points will combine to become M.D.C. they will register as a supernatural creature, with all the positives and negatives that come with that.


Immortality: Simple - Spell Of Legend

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