Isle of Set

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An isle thought to be only a legend, Greldarr finds a map of the isle in a small map shop in the Timiro Kingdom and Rell finds a reference to a piece of Osiris being held there in the Library of Bletherad. Greldarr gives the map to Cava when he leaves CrIsis.

Later, Malkin tells CrIsis that it is located somewhere to the west of Bizantium in the Sea of Despair on the island of Lemaria. Lemaria is run by warrior women serving Isis. He says that only the Scouting Corps of Bizantium would know its true location. It is also revealed that Osiris’ Rib Cage is located here. The Isle of Set is actually a small island located within the larger island of Lemaria.

Update Thoth 11,110: CrIsis recovers Osiris’ Rib Cage by defeating the evil Elven necromancer, Chandar.

See the logs Winds of Change, Carry On My Wayward Son, and Give Me Some Ribs for more.


Isle of Set

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