Isle of the Cyclops

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The Isle of the Cyclops is the largest isle of a 5 island chain. The only ones who truly knows much about this mysterious area are the rich and the nobility of the Western Empire, except of course the island dwellers themselves. What is known is that the chain lies approximately 50 miles off the western coast of the Western Empire, and those that approach the Isle of Cyclops only port, the city of Trade Port, are sometimes warned before being sunk, and sometimes just sunk outright.

Passage on an approved, official Western Empire cruise ship is rumored to start at 2000 gold, and one must endure a detailed screening process.

S’Erith believes that the Left Hand of Osiris is held here by a necromancer named Ammetti Besi.

CrIsis recovers the Left Hand- please see the logs The Return Of The Most Dangerous Man In The World and Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.

Picture from Casey Love Designs.


Isle of the Cyclops

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