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Item Name
Agreement Church of Light and Dark Contract
Alpha Grignak Grignak’s Lightbringer Sword
Bear’s Claw Ursus Ursus’ Lightbringer Hunting Knife
Book of A’zad Xerx’ses Book of Magic
Books of CrIsis Palladium Books of the Player Characters
Book of the First Sinner Steve Book of Necromancy
Callandor Xerx’ses Rune Cutlass
Eternal Torch Rings CrIsis Rings of Armor
Harness of Law Xerx’ses Xerx’ses Magic Armor
Heart of Osiris Elyth at the Antes Temple Osiris’ Heart
Khonsu’s Touch Ursus Ursus’ Rune Longbow
Magos Xerx’ses Magic Rune Ring
Oathbringer Indaris Indaris’ Rune Flail
Omega Grignak Transforming Weapon
Osiris’Kidney Unknown Osiris’ Kidney
Osiris’ Left Arm Indaris Osiris’ Left Arm
Osiris’ Left Eye Terosh Osiris’ Left Eye
Osiris’ Left Foot Antes Temple Osiris’ Left Foot
Osiris’ Left Hand ReSet Osiris’ Left Hand
Osiris’ Lung Pyramid at Credia Osiris’ Lung
Osiris’ Member The First Pyramid of Osiris Osiris’ Member
Osiris’ Rib Cage Pyramid at Sinza Osiris’ Rib Cage
Osiris’ Right Femur Pyramid of Shandala Osiris’ Right Femur
Osiris’ Right Hand Sekti-Abtu Great Pyramid Osiris’ Right Hand
Osiris’ Right Index Finger Xerx’ses Osiris’ Right Index Finger
Osiris’ Skull Modeus Osiris’ Skull
Osiris’ Tongue Pyramid of Avramstown Osiris’ Tongue
Overkill’s 50 Names Honeysuckle, CrIsis Redbeard Crew
Ring of the Wanderer Overkill Image of Elanu
Rogtilda CrIsis Enchanted Boat
Silver Torch No Name Isis Silver Torch
Three Sisters of Dawn Indaris Indaris’ Holy Flail
Tobi No Name Ghostly Familiar
Vindicator No Name No Name’s Holy Scythe
Yeremond Xerx’ses Legendary Rune Sword

Older Items, and NPC items, are Here.


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