January Magic Tribe

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One of the original tribes of Wolfen who created the Wolfen Empire.

Elanu has said to seek out a Dragon Blood descendant.

The January Magic Tribe has good relations with 6 Dwarven kingdoms and even allow dwarves to become citizens! It is also the location of the Wolfen Empire’s only human empire, the Kingdom of Havea. The capital of the tribe is Atwater,, but most of their trade and activity comes through Avramstown. One of their unique industries is metal thread, a copper alloy that is used to make fabric, clothing and ribbons. They are also famous for their pepper sausages and jerky, made of local game, and exported to the rest of the Empire, Eastern Territory, and Timiro Kingdom. Hunters are required to have a license to hunt in their territory to protect against losing this valuable resource. On the short side for Wolfen, 7’3"-8’6", most have badger-like streaks of light fur on the sides of their faces.


January Magic Tribe

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