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Elemental Demons

Evil and mischievous, these creatures cause drought, disease, and trouble for all mortal creatures. Known servants of both the Pantheon of Taut and Hades, CrIsis has learned that one lives in Haven serving as the Dark’s representative. Its name is Zizean.

Jinn are most well known for the curse that binds them. If captured, they must grant their “master” 3 wishes. Of course, these evil doers will twist that wish as far as they can.

There are 4 types of Jinn- black(earth), white(water), green(air), and yellow(fire).

Abilities/Stats Known: 8’-24’tall, naturally invisible, strongest at night, nightvision, see invisible, fly, knows all languages, elemental magic. SDC/HP 75-300

A Jinn proves to be Drauka’s undoing.

Picture from Nar Pappa.



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