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Noble Centaur, Holy Palladin of Thoth
Complete character sheet is Here.

She carries her head high with a long thick midnight black braid reaching down to her withers.
Eyes the color of the clear winter sky. Her human skin is a deep bronze going into golden well muscled equine body. Her points and Tail also the color of her braid.

Centaur picture from Syreene. Full size picture can be found here.


Karma was born youngest of 7 children in the noble house of Proudhoof of the Ophid’s Grasslands. From a young age, realizing that there was nothing for her from the family, she sought amusement by visiting Me’zfii Onh and fell in with a rough crowd. There she learned some simple burglary skills.

Her grandfather, a worshiper of Thoth, the only member of her family she respected, lay dying and requested that she visit him before his time came. He commanded that she become a paladin and give up this rebelliousness she had grown so fond of.

Being eighteen, and considered by most to be too old to begin, she excelled in her training. She was aided by some of the skills she learned as a street tough, but many of the skills had to be re-learned or replaced entirely.

After finally completing her training and being invested as a full fledged paladin, she went out into the world to find a place she could truly make a difference.

In her travels, she has fought in battles, helped slay a giant, protected villages and protected the peace. She has aided rebellions against unjust rulers, and protected just rulers from rebellion. She has brought a warlord to his knees in the heat of battle. That noble was Jonath Miagina, of the Western Empire’s House Miagina. For this she is wanted by both House Miagina and its regional house, House Belopo.

Through it all, a sense of unease has followed her. She still has not found the place that Thoth, her god, has prepared for her in this world.

Karma was born under the sign of Majestic the Unicorn. Those born under the sign of the unicorn seem to be wild at heart and at home in nature.


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