Khonsu's Touch

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Ursus’ Lesser Rune Longbow

This Lesser Rune Longbow is currently being carried by Ursus Arctos.

This Lesser Rune Longbow does the following:

Damage: 5d6.

Weilder is +1 to all savings throws.

While traveling in the farthest north reaches of the Northern Hinterlands, Ursus comes across the remnants and bodies of an ill fated hunting party. It seems all have frozen to death. After ensuring that all are dead, he searches all the equipment looking for anything salvageable. Almost every piece of equipment is beyond repair. Only one item remains, untouched, a mighty bow. Ursus picks up the bow and feels a rush of the power it holds. He decides to keep it. After burying all the bodies, he thanks them for the gift, and looks up at the moon and thanks Khonsu for the gracious benefaction.

Picture from Alice36Hatter


Khonsu's Touch

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