Knights of Dawn

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Knights & Palladins of the Church of Light & Dark

The Knights of Dawn are a well respected group of Eastern Territory knights & palladins who serve the Church of Light and Dark, as well as their kingdoms. They number 500 palladins and 12000 knights, 9000 of which dwell in the southern section of the Eastern Territory.

The Northern Branch of the Knights of Dawn are located in Haven. This is the home of Sir Quixis Ote and his mentor, Sir Niklas Thorpe.

The Southern Branch, which is the main branch, is located in the Citadel of the Sun, just outside the city of Peningshir.

Update- Upon the death of both Sir Thorpe and the leader of the Knights, Sir Quixis is made the leader. He moves to Peningshir.

Knights of Dawn

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