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Korobite is a relatively rare and unknown metal that appears to be a natural alloy containing gold, silver and a few mystery components that give the metal an uncommon strength and luster. Korobite has a marbled, gold-silver appearance, as if those two metals were swirled together. The metal is harder than 10 karat gold, making it very durable, yet when exposed to fire, it becomes malleable enough for smiths to mold it into any shape they desire. Korobite is useful both as an ornamental ore as well as a good alloy for edging weapons so they can harm su­pernatural creatures.

Korobite is worth five times that of gold – a whop­ping 12,500 gold pieces per pound, but it is extremely rare and seldom discovered in quantities larger than one to six pounds (0.45 to 2.7 kg). The Dwarves dwelling in the country of Bizantium have made expeditions into the Northern Hinterlands to find more Korobite. Since they are the last known group that can work this metal and still make such “enhanced” weapons to this day..

Picture by AZ_RUNE.



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