Legion of Northmoor

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The Legion of Northmoor was the second most famous adventuring group of all time, trailing only the legendary Defilers, before CrIsis arrived. They are led by the infamous Jidian Kulder, and have very strict rules on becoming a Legionnaire. They have a recruiting office in Shadowfall.

The core group disappeared 9 years ago, but return alive from the Land of the Damned! They then take up the mantle of destroying the Glaive of the Old Ones.

The core group is made up of Jidian, Ulric Highdeed, Lady Shandra Hursai III, Jade Hands, Hobe Bygone, and Sister Gaia.

CrIsis assists the Legion in recovering the Glaive of the Old Ones and rescuing Sister Gaia. See the logs A Letter to the Library, Deevil Dark Distraction and the Snore Heard Round the World, and Roggan’s Other Other Other Log for more.

Legion of Northmoor

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