Lictalon The Great

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The legendary elven wizard Lictalon was responsible for the creation of one of the Diabolist’s 19 Power Words, as well as the Wizard spell Finger of Lictalon, and the Spell of Legend, Crimson Wall of Lictalon. In addition to those accomplishments, and many more, Lictalon was also Tolmet’s foster father, guardian and teacher. All the legends of his exploits, especially those in the Tristine Chronicles, describe him as good and noble. It is something of a mystery that the child most closely associated with him would be one of the most evil and notorious gods of the Palladium World.

Since Lictalon was then a ruler of the realm of the demons, these days called Hades! Most sources assume he conquered and ruled what became Hades in the Age of Light after the Age of Chaos. He disappears soon at the birth of the Age of Thousand Magicks! Mysteries as to his end endure to this day.

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Lictalon The Great

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