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Otherwise known as Missing Link, this Worm of Taut is Lady Shara Lechellsa’s familiar. They have been together almost all of Lechellsa’s life, so over 1100 years!

Picture by TinnyCrow.

3’ long 15lbs

IQ 10
ME 19
PS 24
PP 16
PE 22
PB 4
Spd 33
AR 10
HP 72
SDC 64
All saves 2
Strike +3
Dodge +1
Damage +9
Attacks 5
Bite 2D6
Fire Ball 6D6 90’ range, line of sight


Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Astral Projection Sensitive 8 Self 5min/lv None Spirit separated from body. Cord connects two.
Clairvoyance Sensitive 4 Special 6D6 Rounds None 58+2%, +5% if a loved one. 2X a day
Commune with Spirit Sensitive 8 Self 8 Melees Mone Contact at 7% per level, see chart.
Commune with Animals Sensitive 6 200’ LoS 2min/lv 15 or better 1-80% obey simple commands. 1 per level
Dispel Spirits Sensitive 10 50’/lv 30min/lv Special If it is a Psionically summoned spirit, the summoner rolls standard. Normal Spirits leave.
Empathy Sensitive 4 100’ 2min/lv Std See notes.
Meditation Sensitive None Self Varies None 6 ISP per hour.
Mind Block Sensitive 4 self 10 minutes +1 save psychic attack
Mind’s Eye Sensitive 2x
Object Read Sensitive 6 Touch 2D6 min None Impressions: 56+2%; Images:48+2%; Present 38+2%.
Presence Sense 4 120’ 2 min/lev None Sense supernatural/magic creatures Near/far, One, few, several, or many, Very powerful (godlike) or not.
Psionic Seeking Sensitive 6 1 mile/lev 5 min/lev None 40 +5%/level +20% if item is his own, or looking for friend/relative
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 90’ Until danger passes None Imminent Danger, +6 Init, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks.
See Aura Sensitive 6 60’LoS 60 Seconds Mind Block Level, Magic, Psionics, PPE base, Healthy, Possessed, Aberrations.
Sense Evil Sensitive 2 140’r 2min/lv None See Notes.
Sense Magic Sensitive 3 120’r 2min/lv None See Notes.
Telepathy Sensitive 4 60’/140’ 2 min/lev Special Surface Thoughts 60’ 2 way 140’
Total Recall Sensitive 2 Self Permanent None Remembers every word heard, read, every image.



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