Lion Headdress

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Part of Dread Pirate Jason’s treasure, this headdress registers powerful magic, but does not register good or evil.

It is now in the hands of Greminor Lector.

Moves PS to 20
+ 30 HP
+ 8 spd
+ 3 save magic
All toxins have no effect while wearing!

Magic: 6 spells/day All at 4th level
Tongues- 20 minutes Understand & speak all languages at 98%, including alien tongues.
Water to Wine- Instant 40 gallons. Fresh water only. Average quality wine.
Decipher Magic- 8 minutes. Read any magic scroll, inscription, or text at 94%. Only magic symbols.
Cloak of Darkness- 20 minutes. 5’radius around character. Virtually invisible at night. Outside of 5’ radius minimum – 3 strike cloaked character
Heal Self- Instant 2D6 SDC.

Headdress itself: AR 18 SDC 800
regens 40 SDC/minute

Tyvernos was very attached to the headdress, and would not take it off! It was later discovered that each time someone casts a spell while wearing the headdress it reversed their alignment.

See the logs Tyvernos Last Words? and Mind Games for more.


Lion Headdress

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