Lopan History

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Lopan is an independent island kingdom which is part of the Eastern Territory.

Population: 800,000 total, 250,000 in the holy city of Sekti-Abtu alone. 80% human 10% elven 10% other
Capital: Ethaniel
Ruler: Empress Jesslyn
Government: Republic
Law: Standard laws, but stiffer penalties than standard
Armed Force: Well trained Navy and soldiers, supplemented by mercenaries from Llorn.
Religion: Home to the Church of Light & Dark’s temple city, Sekti-Abtu. All other religions are very uncommon here.
Special Notes:
Resort: Lopan is the most popular vacation spot in all of Palladium, especially frequented by Western Empire nobles.
Lopanic Games: Held every 3 years the Lopan Games attract humans, dwarves, and elves from throughout Palladium. The competitors represent their kingdoms in the games. No representatives from the monster kingdoms or the Wolfen Empire are allowed. The games are held in Lopania.
Shipyards: The 2 Lopan shipyards are always backlogged, as they rival the best in ship making throughout Palladium.


Lopan History

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