Magic Pigeon

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This special incantation enables the spell caster to create a mystic facsimile of a pigeon. The magic pigeon is able to fly and deliver a spoken (30 words or less) or written message to anyone, any place in this world (in the same dimension), however, the spell caster must know at least the general location of the person for whom the message is intended. Upon reaching its destination, it will seek out that person and immediately deliver the message. If the recipient of the message is not at the prescribed destination, the magic pigeon will wait until he returns or until the spell duration elapses and it fades away.

The magic pigeon looks exactly like a real pigeon, but needs no food or rest; thus it can fly 720 miles (1152 km) every 24 hours at a speed of 30 mph (48 km). Normal weapons cannot harm or capture the pigeon,
but magic spells and circles of entrapment can capture it, and dispel magic can destroy it.


Magic Pigeon

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