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Matilda has been transformed into an Eastern Lighter, or Cutter, from its original state on Rifts Earth. It is now referred to as Rogtilda, in deference to Roggan who became one with the ship.
Size: 50’ Long 15’ Wide
Crew: 3 minimum, with additional capacity for 14 passengers or crew.
Cargo Capacity: 8 tons light or 20 Heavy.
Speed: 16 MPH
SDC: Unknown.
Appears to be made of Eastern yellow wood, rarely used in shipbuilding.
The Speed appears magically enhanced, it sails at up to 16 MPH despite most cutters never reaching that speed. This speed is still available if the ship is sailed expertly.
The front sail was never there, so it has only 3 sails, and one mast.
There are 3 depth charges left, each do 1D4x10 damage. Currently they are in the hold.

When Roggan sacrifices himself to save Matilda, he produces a number of changes. First, the lower portion of the mast is encircled with the symbol of CrIsis, the Eternal Torch. It disappears close to his passing as Rogtilda. Second, a plaque was sealed into the bow. It reads, ‘Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.’ Also, Rogtilda knows magic (below)
Lastly, and most importantly, Roggan became one with the ship!

Spell PPE Cost Range Duration Description
Rot Wood 4 20’ Instant 4D6 SDC to trees, ships, etc or 3D6 to plant elementals/entities made of wood. No save
Mend Wood 10 Self Instant 45 SDC/Cast
Mend Metal 30 Self Instant 4D6+ 10 SDC to iron, steel, etc.
Make Yellowwood 50 Self Instant Converts regular wood to yellowwood, SDC point for point, ie 200 SDC wood to 200 SDC Yellowwood.
Make Protector 75 Self 5 days Rogtilda must be in contact with land, no member of CrIsis on ship at same time
Stone Power Magic: Spell Strength 14
Stone Power PPE Cost Range Duration Description
Emerald Invisibility:Superior 20 Self 8 min Only see invisible Prowl 84%
Diamond Fly as the Eagle 8 Self 160 min On Matilda, only fly 100ft high, at 20mph(32 spd) and no other added bonuses.

Stone size- Small= .5 carat to 2.0 carat Large= 2.5 carat to 5 carat Huge 6 carat or larger
Charges- 3 w/small 6 w/large 9 w/huge

PPE 75 on Matilda- can only be renewed by another mage putting PPE in, or ley line rejuvenates 10 PPE/Hr. Nexus 30 PPE/Hr
Speak 2x/day 3 min each

Update 4/29/112- Rogtilda’s engine is missing! The magic glow has disappeared! The gun is also gone.

Ballista- 500’ range 4D6

Matilda’s captain is Xerx’ses, while when CrIsis is gone it is Jershon Herriman after the death of Overkill. The complete “crew listing” can be found HERE.

Current Damage- Main Ship- 0 damage out of 700.
Current Yellow Wood % is 100%.

Inventory on Matilda:
6 life vests
1 Crank safety Lantern
1 Rechargeable flashlight
100’ of rope
First Aid Kit
1 Long E-clip
3 Short E-clips
3 Depth Charges
Tackle Box with 20 lures
1 lifeboat- holds crew and 1 chest, plus 2 barrels
Alarm bell.
Wilson & Bilson (Which sit on the sword of Isis, the figurehead of the ship)
4 candles, and 12 torches total
Flute and Lute
8 Helms 5 leather 3 mail 6 spears 3 battle axe 8 halberds 12 long swords 4 short 5 maces (Worthless)

Traveling Inventory on Wagon

Food Inventory:
10 days of Water
10 days of fruit
10 days of meat
11 days of fish
11 days of Ale
11 days of Mead.
6 days of pig

Food, Water, and Alcohol are in sealed, waterproof barrels. There are 450 barrels, for 90 days provisions. There is also separate food for the all of the animals.


Overkill’s chest, Xerx’ses, and Cava’s chest were left on the ship. One other chest is warded so that the current group of CrIsis have access individually, but no one else. (As of Majestic 113 the only people with access are Indaris and Xerx’ses) The wards are silent alarm & 9 death wards, all at 8th level. This chest has the current team money. There is 1 chest for the crew funds in the hold, which is opened only by Jershon and CrIsis and the below chest is also in the hold. This crew chest has 0 Western and 100,000 Eastern. All other CrIsis member’s chests are not warded.

Gold Coast Rogtilda Fund- 117,937 Accessible by Jershon, Annie, Honey, Xerx’ses, and Indaris.

10 Tinder Boxes
18 arrows
10 arrows prepared to take flame.

Former Engine Room:

Tied to Mast in Bottom of Hold:
Bag w/ stones from Baalgor and 1 Black Garnet
None of these gems are cracked.

Stabled On Boat

CrIsis shared funds: See CrIsis Group Summary
Note: Money from book sales must be picked up by Indaris or Xerx’ses at a Gold Coast Trading Company location. Until that time, GM tracks money separately, without player knowledge.

CrIsis’ Chapel
There is a chapel, dedicated, on the lowest level of Rogtilda.
Gods currently represented in the Chapel: All Gods/Goddesses in the Pantheon of Ra except Khonsu.
Emerald 3ct. is in the chapel



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