Mental Warriors

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The Mental Warriors that battled in Ja’Deir’s mind are in fact two of 16 such mental constructs, created by his subconscious in response to the excessive clutter.

The Mind Mage, feeling overwhelmingly underpowered when pitted against the universe, started to use his Perfect Memory in more situations, committing entire scholarly tomes to memory.

As happens to all Mind Mages when they overfill their minds, whether with memories, facts, sensory information, or whatever, Ja’Deir started to have headaches. If his mind were as simple and unaccustomed to psionic trauma as it was when he first started out on this quest, he would surely have had an aneurysm.

The 16 Mental Warriors created as a byproduct are: Point1, Point2, Deth, ReAcckshun, Lyf, Verbe, Payn, Vurchoo, Shado, Fyre, Veyez, Naon, Joi, Ahyce, Ackshun, and Lyet. They all have form and function, though Ja’Deir is unaware of over half of them, let alone what their purpose is.

Ja’Deir became aware of them when he meditated in the tower of Wisdom.

Mental Warriors

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