Me'zfii Onh

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A coastal Bizantium colony in the Northern Wilderness. It is run by the Lamrith noble house. This house is based in Kallico, Bizantium. Current lord is Geoffrey Lamrith, exiled by the King.

Overkill had visited this colony in the past, and knew it was the town closest to the Dragon’s Claw. He had heard rumours that near the Claw was an Elf Druid Nation, a seed library that held an Argosy in Alarassa like the one that started Bletherad, and the location of the legendary elf pirate Jason’s stronghold.

Overkill also knew that there is a military outpost called the Tower, a good pub called the Morning Star, a decent grocery/outfitter called Ralph’s, and a lot of Wolfen- mostly of the Ursa Rex & Snow Grass tribes. There is only one place to stay not affiliated with any church- Anjeleena’s Boardinghouse.

Karma learned how to pick pockets and locks in this town, but was somehow never caught.

Tyvernos made a number of trips here with his adopted family.

Update: Overkill learns that Geoffrey Lamrith and his house have been restored to full kingdom membership through a pigeon sent to him by his cousin, Minischmee.

For more on CrIsis in Me’zfii Onh see the logs Climax of Confusion or Denouement of Disaster, Tree Huggers and Snow, The Trial of the Redbeard Clan, Voice of Reason, and Bennubriated.


Me'zfii Onh

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