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(mee-SAI-to psah-LEE-dee-ah. Known sometimes as Fate’s Shears in Eastern.)


Utu was bored. Saying this is like saying that the sun was up or the moon shone down. It was something that was regular and cyclic. There was no reason for his boredom other than a lack of souls for him to escort to their after lives. This lull would happen whenever peace broke out, something which he detested, or when, for whatever reason, there was simply no death for a while.

Utu detested being bored. His purpose was to gather the souls of the dead. That was his reason for being. While listening to the pleas of his worshipers was pleasant, without the souls to transport he…was bored. And boredom for a god, this godly ennui, is the worst possible occurrence for mortals, for when a god is bored, especially this god, he will torment mortals in order to relieve some of his boredom.

At this moment, at the height of his boredom, Utu heard the pleas of a Pirate and these weren’t the normal pleas for life or salvation. They were, instead, pleas for vengeance beyond the grave.

“Utu, reaper of souls, hear me! I die, and I know that death takes us all. Before me stand those wretches who have killed me and I curse them and their entire lives. Give me power to wreak vengeance upon them from now until the end of time. Give me the power to destroy these men and their issue every root and branch.”

It wasn’t the cry for vengeance that truly excited Utu. It was the thought of all those souls as the slipped through his fingers and bled into their respective after lives. The thought of all that death fed to him by a single source, especially a source of his creation.

It was but a moment for Utu to gather the items necessary for the enchantment and another moment to complete it. The soul of one of the men who had attacked his adherent was there for the plucking and he ran the still hot blade of the sword through that spirit. The blade flashed green and then faded into a wispy memory of itself.

The pirate captain was barely holding on, barely alive when Utu appeared before him, hiding his presence from the sailors who would destroy the captain.

“Your prayers have been heard,” Utu exclaimed and handed the sword and its lead sheath to the captain. It was only a matter of time, Utu knew, before the captain would become simply one more part of that blade. The smile that split his face was truly a thing of horror as Utu left the captain to his fate.

The ethereal nature of the blade allowed for the captain’s spirit to wield it after it left his body, and it wanders the wreckage, claiming souls on the seas, and waiting for mortal hands to wrench it from his grasp.

Appearance: See picture above
Damage: 3D6- No Damage Bonus, as an Ethereal Blade is not affected by Strength.

Powers Description of Powers
Blade of Ethos Damage applied directly to HP. Bypasses any crafted armor AR and can’t be parried by anything except another Blade of Ethos or a Rune Weapon.
Imbued Disease – Leprosy 12 to save: The Leprosy caused by this will begin to show within three days beginning as scaly skin on the face and hands and spreading from there within the course of two weeks to the entire body. After a week, the person will begin to lose feeling in the extremities resulting in a -20% reduction in all skills requiring fine motor control halving of the characters SPD and a reduction of all Strike Parry and Dodge bonuses by half. As the disease progresses there is a chance of repeated injury of the extremities resulting in loss of use of the hands, arms, legs and feet and possible loss of the limb entirely.
Torchlight Weapon glows constantly with the power of a normal torch, casting good light on everything within 40 feet.

Sword drawn by Gaitkeeper, a former player in A God…Rebuilt.



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