Morgan Lutteur

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Name Morgan Lutteur
Rank 6th Level
OCC Psi-Healer
Race Changeling

Sex Female SAVING THROWS Bonus
HT 7’ Save vs Spell +2
WT 210lbs Save vs ritual +2
PPE 14 Save vs Psionic +8
HP 39/39 Save vs coma/death +20%
SDC 24/24 Save vs poison +6
Level 6 Save vs Insanity +4
Exp. 36,240 Save vs possession +7
HF 10 Save vs horror +2
ISP 141/141 Save vs. m.c. +4
Gold 4500 biz Current Form Human
Height 5’11" Weight 180 Lbs
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 14 Strike +1
ME 21 Parry +4
MA 17 Dodge +4
PS 16 Roll +3
PP 12 Pull +2
PE 19 Initiative 0
PB 9/19 Damage +1
SPD 22 Attacks 4
Born 6/21/79 Alignment Scrupulous
45% Trust/Intimidate HTH Basic
Gold 0 Critical 19,20
Weapon Proficiencies Strike Parry Thrown Damage
Knife +2 +3 +3
Targeting +3
Weapons: Damage SDC or Make Range
Silver Dagger 1D6 40’
Ornate Dagger 1D6 40’
Armor AR SDC Penalty
Changeling Leather of Iron 16 300 -5%
Leather 10 20 -5%
OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ L-A C-L Total % Secondary Skills Base % L-A C-L Total %
Language:Eastern 98 0 1 6 98% Anthropology:Ancients 20+5 1 6 45%
Language: Elven 40+5 15 1 6 80% Seamanship 22+4 1 6 42%
Language: Wolfen 40+5 15 1 6 80% Sewing 25+5 1 6 50%
Cook 30+5 10 1 6 65% Running 1 6
Biology 30+5 15 1 6 70% First Aid 30+5 4 6 40%
Holistic Medicine 30/20+5 20 1 6 75/65% Swimming 40+5 4 6 50%
ID Plants/Fruits 25+5 10 1 6 60%
Preserve Food 30+5 10 1 6 65%
Math:Basic 45+5 10 1 6 80%
WP:Knife 1 6
WP:Targeting 1 6
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ L-A C-L Total %
Holistic Chemistry 30/20+5 10 1 6 65/55%
Surgeon 30/20+5 10 1 6 65/55%
Botany 25+5 10 1 6 55%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 10 1 6 65%
Use/Recog Poison 24/16+4 4 1 6 48/40%
HTH:Basic 1 6
Boxing 3 6
Language Faerie 40+5 10 5 6 55%
Special Powers:PSIONICS
Psi-Healer Powers Type L-A C-L ISP Cost Range Duration Save Description
Deaden Pain Healing 1 6 4 3’ 1 hr/lev None Negates pain or anesthetic for surgery
Exorcism Healing 1 6 10 8’ Instant % 30 minutes prep, then 6D6 with possessed person Exorcism 28+ 7/lev if success Banished
Healing Touch Healing 1 6 6 Touch Instant None 1D8 HP or 2D6 SDC 2 minute long trance
Increased Healing Healing 1 6 10 3’ 2D4 Days None HP/SDC recover 2x faster Prep 1D6 minutes
Psionic Diagnosis Healing 1 6 4 3’ Instant None Sense pain, injury, disease & possession
Psionic Purification Healing 1 6 8 Touch Instant None Slow metabolism & destroy chemicals, drugs, poisons & toxins
Psychic Surgery Healing 1 6 14 Touch Varies None Recovery from coma 66% Surgery equal to hospital care 2D6 min prep
Lust for Life Healing 2 6 15 Touch None 3 rolls vs Coma recovery adds bounus 6%/level
Psionic Purge Healing 4 6 10 Touch Permanent None Cancels effects of any control/command, Hypnotic Suggestion, Induced Nightmare, etc See Notes
Suppress Fear Healing 5 6 8 Self or Touch 1 min/lev None Immune to fear, including HF
See Aura Sensitive 1 6 6 60’ Visible 2 melees None Low, Med, or High XP, Presence of magic, psionics, aberration, possession. High/low PPE. Healthy/sick.
Empathy Sensitive 1 6 4 100’ 2 min/lev Std Feel others emotions see notes
Meditation Sensitive 1 6 0 Self Varies None Recover 6 ISP/hr
Resist Damage Physical 3 6 25 Self 5min/lev None Absorbs first 5 units of damage. Falls, impact, punch, energy do 1/2 damage
Telekinesis Physical 6 6 Varies 60’ 2 min/lev None See Notes
Resurrection(blessed) Super 1 5 50 Touch Permanent None 7%/level
Complete Inventory

2 sets of clothes, boots, hat, belt, blanket, backpack, 2 Medium sacks, 6 small sacks, water skin, small kettle, small frying pan, 6 vials, small pouch w/6 surgical knives (1D4), 4 rolls surgical bandage, first aid kit, 3 weeks food, cooking utensils, 6" ankh, pocket mirror, 3 wooden stakes, small mallet, tinder box.
1 Diamond engagement ring ($6000). 1 gem (300) gift from Cava. 1 s&m set…

Earings 2 Sets of Ornate Earings
Necklace 1 Gold Necklace

Worn on Matilda- Clothing weather appropriate. Boots. In Backpack- water skin, 6 vials, small pouch w/ surgical knives, 4 rolls bandage, first aid kit, 1 week food, pocket mirror, 4 stakes, mallet. Ankh worn, as well as engagement ring. Other items in Gavin’s chest.

Land Travel- Clothing weather appropriate. Belt, Hat, Boots. In Backpack- water skin, 6 vials, small pouch w/ surgical knives, 4 rolls bandage, first aid kit, 1 week food, pocket mirror, 4 stakes, mallet, tinder box. Ankh worn, as well as engagement ring. 1 Medium sack w/ kettle & Frying Pan. 1 Medium sack w/ only the 6 small sacks.

Picture from the amazing Genzoman


Morgan was raised in the Eastern Territory by two changeling merchant parents. They found that trading between the Wolfen Empire and the Eastern Territories was quite lucrative. Unfortunately, it was also quite dangerous. One day, the Eastern Officials caught on to the trading habits of these merchants and sent a group of Master Collectors to deal with these traitors. The group was quick and effective, so much so that when little Morgan returned home from her studies in a school in Stormwatch, there was no one to be found and no evidence of what had happened. She lived there alone for a few weeks.

When taxes were due, the officials found the human child and decided that she could not live at this place alone. Therefore they quickly sold her home and gave the money to the girl’s only known acquaintance, Oric Bellode. They went to Seaholm. Here Morgan grew up for a short time while Oric cared for her with the money provided from her family’s home. This was until one night when Oric Bellode went to call Morgan to dinner. He called her, but she was not answering. So he snuck up to her room to see what was keeping her. This was when he discovered Morgan playing with her dolls. This would be normal, but Oric was shocked to see that Morgan’s hair would change color and length for each doll that she would be playing with. Not only that but her voice would change most significantly when she was pretending each was talking. Oric had a hard time after this. His fear of changelings was immense, but his love for this new “daughter” of his was more than he could describe and prevented him from ridding the world of such a foul beast. Oric prayed for guidance to Horus and Horus answered in a dream. The message was clear. He was to give her up, but to whom? In the dreams he continuously saw the palace in Avramstown, and he saw two men who stood before the palace; a human with a crown upon his head and an old elf. This confused Oric and filled his mind for many days, but when the message did not leave his mind he knew what had to be done. Oric said goodbye to his wife as usual for a journey to Avramstown, only this time he took his adopted human daughter. His wife was distraught, but knew that this must be Horus’ will. The journey seemed too short for him as he continued soaking up what little time with Morgan that he could, but alas the journey came to an end and he knew what he had to do.

While Oric was unpacking supplies for the palace, he was in fear of what he needed to ask. He looked at the palace servant helping him unload and said, “Might I be able to seek an audience with the king if it pleases him? It seems as though Horus has sent me to send a message to him.” The servant looked surprised, but said, “I will ask my master who will ask his master who will ask the king. If you will wait, I shall return with a reply, while you unload.”

In the meantime, King Avramson and Greminor Lector were talking about a dream the king had. It was one of a young woman who stood near the symbol of Isis. Her hair and shape changed continuously as she tried to hold up the symbol of Isis that was breaking apart. She would pick pieces up and put them back in as it was new again, but occasionally pieces would fall off again. The two had been debating this dream for a while when a court servant stood in his presence. When the king asked what he needed the man said,“A merchant trader comes claiming news from Horus. He wishes to speak with you.” The king quickly jumped to his feet and demanded that the merchant be brought before him at once. When Oric came before King Avramson he explained the situation in private telling the entire story to both him and Greminor. By the end, the king knew that this was a message from the god’s and that the girl must stay in his court as requested. Here is where Oric was saddened the most, a day he rarely mentions. This was the day he gave up his first daughter.

Many years passed and Morgan grew up under the wisdom of both King Avramson and Greminor, but it was Greminor who noticed the latent psionic abilities within Morgan. Through the help of Tomes of ancient secrets and psychic friends he was able to guide Morgan in her uses of these powers and helped form her into the psi-healer she is today. One thing bothered Morgan though. She was the only one of her kind it seemed and she was growing bored in the castle. Healings were few and far between, and she knew that there was more to life than that which lie within these castle walls and city limits. This was until the king summoned her one day. Apparently a famous group called CrIsis had recently stopped by. This was somewhat interesting to her, but how did that affect her? Was she to heal them if they needed it? Then he said something that caught her attention. “Among them walks a child. Do not let this deceive you, for he is not a child. He is like you.” Up until now she had not paid much attention to CrIsis, but now her ears perked up like that of a dog hearing her master approach the doorway after a long day’s absence. He continued, ‘I know how you desire to find one like yourself. Now is your chance to meet him. I have heard that they make their way back to our castle, but I do not yet know why. I will give you the opportunity to meet this young one. His name is Gavin and he also has powers of the mind like yourself.’ Morgan was hanging on to every word that came out of the kings mouth at this point. She was like a damsel trapped in a tower waiting to be rescued and this knight in the shape of a boy had come to save her from a life of unending dullness. After the king had made his intentions clear to her and that he would set up a private meeting for the two of them, she ran out to Greminor. She knew that Greminor would have the book that the king also mentioned and she must get her hands on it. When she got there she was met by the old alchemist. He said she could have the book, but not without first cleaning his entire shop. Greminor knew she would do anything for it, but he stopped her after she cleaned the main room and gave it to her. Morgan proceeded to run home and read the book multiple times. She became deeply involved in the story and hung on to every word Gavin had written. She knew she had to meet this kid, because if it wasn’t enough fate already then surely the fact that he worshiped Ra, the same as her parents and her did when she was young, then she didn’t know what else could be behind it. So she waited and waited, while practicing making a child like form at the king’s request.

Finally the day come to meet Gavin. She was so excited. Only horrible news reached her ears. There had been an attack in the park that he had visited. Apparently people claimed that Gavin had been shot by many arrows. This devastated her beyond anything she had experienced to date. She was to finally meet someone of her own kind and now that was taken from her. She sat in her room, tore her clothes, wept, and spread ashes over her hair. She did this for many hours till finally she heard a knock on her door. Apparently someone had heard the weeping and ran to the king to inform him. The king sent a response immediately saying that Gavin was not dead and that the arrows had not done more than scratch the boy. Through her tears being wiped away, came new ones of joy. She could not believe that this child was able to withstand such a vicious attack. She then bathed and got out her child’s clothes. It was the same dress she wore when she first met the king. It had been many years since she had worn this. She looked in the mirror one last time to make sure she was perfect and headed downstairs. She was asked to wait in line with several other people. There was a male dwarf, a male centaur, a female gnome, a couple female humans, and a few others standing around. After a few moments they were called in. The wait was almost unbearable. She stood her turn until she was finally next. She was then called in. There he stood a small child just as described with no worse for the wear as far as she could see. She said, “Hi I’m Morgan. Do you want to play?” With that she lead him out into a secluded part in the hallway and showed him her true nature. The boy smiled.

She meets up with CrIsis in Me’zfii Onh. Gavin and Morgan are married on Ra 22, 110.

Update Majestic 19, 111. Fearing for the safety of her child, and for the health of her injured adopted father Oric, Morgan leaves CrIsis at the Stone Tower to move back to Avramstown.

Morgan Lutteur

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