mudras and mantras

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Mudras and Mantras

The Ashada in Xarys are a peaceful people, and have developed the art of balancing everything within one’s life by balancing one’s body. Every morning, religiously, they walk through a series of poses and specific hand gestures called ‘Mudras,’ while reciting ‘Mantras’.

Ja’Deir tries to do these each and every day.

Mudras are hand formations that elicit the body’s natural energy, and tries to connect with a celestial force, to equalize their energies. There are a total of nine, though the fifth is never used, as it represents all that is destructive. Even the warriors that practice these do not fall to the fifth mudra, called Kai, “seal of outer bonds.” The mudras are; Rin; Pyo; To; Sha; Kai; Chin; Retsu; Zai; Zen. They represent, respectively, Isis; Apis; Bast; Ra; Set; Bennu; Thoth; Horus; Osiris. They are in order below.

The Mantras are prayers recited with the target’s mudra. They are also called Rin Pyo To Sha Kai Chin Retsu Zai and Zen, and like the Mudra for Kai, which is to say Set, the mantra is not recited under any circumstance. They are in order below.

Rin – Isis
Mudra is, “seal of the thunderbolt.”
Mantrais, o’ṃ baishira mantaya sowaka. (All hail the Vajra (diamond thunderbolt) of glory and sacrifice, o’ṃ)

Pyo – Apis
Mudra is, “seal of the great thunderbolt.”
Mantra is, o’ṃ ishanaya intaraya sowaka. (All hail the instrument of divine righteousness, o’ṃ)

To – Bast
Mudra is, “seal of the outer lion.”
Mantra is, o’ṃ jiterashi itara jibaratanō sowaka. [All hail the exultant and glorious celestial jewel, o’ṃ]

Sha – Ra
Mudra is, “seal of the inner lion.”
mantra is, o’ṃ hayabaishiramantaya sowaka. (All hail the swift thunderbolt of exalted strength, virtue, and glory! o’ṃ)

Kai – Set
Mudra is, “seal of the outer bonds.”
Mantra is, o’ṃ nōmaku sanmanda basaradan kan. (Homage to all-pervading diamond thunderbolts. Utterly crush and devour! o’ṃ)

Chin – Bennu
Mudra is “seal of the inner bonds.”
Mantra is, o’ṃ aganaya in maya sowaka. (All hail the glory of Agni, God of the Sacred Fire, o’ṃ)

Retsu – Thoth
Mudra is, “seal of the wisdom fist,” also known as “seal of the interpenetration of the two realms.”
Mantra is, o’ṃ irotahi chanoga jiba tai sowaka. (All hail the radiant divine all-illuminating light, bursting and streaming forth in all directions, o’ṃ)

Zai – Horus
Mudra is “seal of the ring of the sun.”
Mantra is, o’ṃ chirichi iba rotaya sowaka. (Glory to Divine perfection, o’ṃ)

Zen – Osiris
Mudra is, “seal of the hidden form,” or “mudra which conceals its form”
Mantra is, o’m a ra ba sha nō sowaka (All hail! A ra pa ca na. o’ṃ)

Picture Credit: Arizona Yoga Community

mudras and mantras

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