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Roggan’s pet Obaru. Originally owned by Murodin Gemston, Roggan’s guardian in Northolme. Very ornery to everyone except Roggan. He likes to lick smooth stones. (Not really, but Roggan vehemently attests to it.)

The size difference between Roggan and the Obaru are quite humorous (pointed out to me by Rod Rambler) which presented a problem to Murodin Gemston in the beginning, trying to help the Earth Lock up onto his back. To resolve this, Murodin commissioned a complex system of pulleys and ropes for him to mount the Elk. Anyone without the rope works skill would just see this seeming jumble as just that. Takes skill to mount.

Stats Attributes Combat
HP 55/55 IQ 8 Attacks 6
SDC 40 /40 ME 14 Antler Strike 3D6+21
Height 6’ 7’5"Long MA 12 Kick(forelegs) 2D6+11
Weight 875 lbs PS 36 Kick (Both Hind) 4D6+21
AR 5 PP 17 Initiative +1
PE 20 Strike +3
PE PB 25 Dodge +4
SPD 84 Saves HF +5

Picture thanks to Emil F Major.



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