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Human Holy Crusader of Osiris
Complete character sheet is Here.

Navelo comes from the city of Epiphany, the capital of the Middle Kingdoms in the Western Empire. Most of the residents here are devoutly religious, bent on converting the rest of the world to the Church of Light and Dark. Navelo is fanatical, even for this region, in his faith and beliefs. He puts the word Crusade in Holy Crusader. He worked in the sentencing yard in the “Purification District,” and relished his work, especially the rare times when someone was executed rather than hung. He shares in the common belief of the Middle Kingdoms that most psionics and magic are evil, brought on by demons and deevils!

Navelo had an orc slave, who attempted, unsuccessfully, to murder Navelo. Navelo put him through trial, and personally executed him publicly in the sentencing yard. Navelo has kept the slave’s teeth as a constant reminder of betrayal.

Stating that he felt “the touch of the Gods of Light upon him,” Father Lamriel, Bishop of the Western Empire, had asked for Navelo to be his personal guard during his visits to Epiphany. Father Lamriel spends half his time in Epiphany trying to prevent civil war. He was teaching Navelo that there are times for tolerance and understanding, and other times when the vengeance of the Gods is right. He was also teaching Navelo lore about other religions.

Navelo joins CrIsis on Majestic 19, 111.

Navelo was born under the sign of Majestic the unicorn, the sign of nature and beauty. Those born under this sign are wild at heart.


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