Negate Magic

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This incantation will instantly cancel the effects or influence of most magic. To determine whether the negation is successful or not, roll a saving throw. If the roll is a successful save the magic is not negated. If the roll fails to save, then the magic is immediately broken/dispelled/destroyed/negated/canceled. A 13, 14, or 15 is typically needed to negate spell magic depending on the experience level of the mage, but 17 or higher is needed to negate ritual magic. A failed save means the negation attempt did not work. Try again if sufficient P.P.E. is available.

Negation will not work against: possession, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, talisman, amulet, enchanted objects, symbols, wards, circles, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration, resurrection, healing, or faerie food. Negation can be attempted to cancel a curse, but only has a 1-25% possibility of succeeding. Of course, it has no effect against psionic abilities.


Negate Magic

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