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Name Ood
Race Silonar
Description: Primarily brown with gray stripes.

Sex Female SAVING THROWS Bonus
HT 8’1" Save vs Spell +8
WT 700 lbs Save vs coma/death +32%
Length 20’ Save vs Psionic +8
HP 42 Save vs horror +12
SDC 57 Save vs poison +8
HF 13 Save vs Drugs +5
AR 10 Save vs Insanity +2
Birthday 7/14/100
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ Animal Strike +5
Mental Endurance 18 Parry +5
Mental Affinity 11 Dodge +7
Physical Strength 27 Initiative +1
Physical Prowess 23 Damage +12
Physical Endurance 31 Initiative +1
Physical Beauty 16 Attacks 4
Speed 46

Bite 3D6
Tail 2D6
Head Butt 2D6
Foreclaws 4D6 + 12 (12 is damage bonus)
Clawed Feet 5D6 + 12

Run without pause and without exhaustion for 10 hours, Leap up to 20’ long and 10’ high. Smell blood one mile away- track Blood Scent 55%. Blood and combat sends silonar into frenzy. Can go without ill effect, eats anything from carrion to shrubs to fresh kills.

Cold is very difficult for a silonar. 3D4 days of constant cold will kill the beast.


Ood is the third of that name owned by S’Erith and the first female. S’Erith wanted another male, as they are more lively in coloration and a little more tractable, but after she ate the rest of her cluchmates, S’Erith figured that she really must want to go journeying about the world with him.

While she doesn’t have the vibrant coloration of the other Oods he has had in the past, this Ood is likely the prettiest Silonar that S’Erith has ever seen.

Image of Utah Raptor courtesy of Joe Tucciarone:



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