Oric Bellode

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Dwarven Merchant

This dwarven merchant is a brash, but likeable merchant who deals with all races. He drives a hard bargain, but never cheats. He is as honest as merchants come. He is a tall dwarf, a full 4’6". A believer in Horus he has adopted 3 children thus far in his 60 years- a human, a kobold, and a dwarf. His wife takes care of any strays that he brings in when he travels, which is often. Oric’s first adopted child was Morgan Lutteur.

His standard trade route is from his home in Seaholm to Avramstown, but he does occasionally go to Shadowfall and Me’zfii Onh. On very rare occasions he travels to Southwatch in the Eastern Territory.

Tyvernos travels with Oric on his way to meet CrIsis in Seaholm. The dwarf seems fond of both Tyvernos and Otto.

Please see the campaign logs Softer Side of a Dwarf, How Rell Recovered, Flee From the Father, Where the Wind Blows, and, for a later visit, Wind Dines With a Dwarf and Shoots the Breeze for more about CrIsis and Oric.

Picture by MPBug.

Oric Bellode

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