Osiris' Left Foot

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The left foot of Osiris is a giant sized petrified foot. It is known to grant the bearer extra speed and leaping ability.

The groups original quest, Isis instructed Bexx and Chip to recover her husband’s foot (see The Goddess & A New World). Overkill and Greldarr join them on this quest. The quest is abandoned when it is found that the Tongue of Osiris has been stolen by Rhaznor and the group goes to the Timiro Kingdom.

The left foot of Osiris is located on the island of Dragon’s Roost, as part of an ancient Wooly Dragon’s horde.

CrIsis acquires this piece on the 25th of Od, 111. It is now in the hands of Burlap.

Burlap places the piece in the Antes Temple on Od 7, 112. Please see the log Antes Temple Expands for more on its placement.

It is discovered that the piece has these properties:
+250 SDC to bearer (OSDC)
Bearer can activate the foot 2x/day- Activation properties are (lasts for 4 hrs or until cancelled)
Bearer is lifted off ground by mystic feet. Speed is doubled, + 8 dodge. Leap additional 60’ high, 40’ across. Kicks do 4x damage.


Osiris' Left Foot

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