Osiris' Rib Cage

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Located somewhere of the Isle of Set, an island within located within the mysterious island of Lemaria. There have been sightings by the people of Lemaria that report that Set has it.

Update- Thoth 11, 110- Chandar, an evil Elven necromancer on the Isle of Set, is defeated, and CrIsis recovers the Ribs of Osiris. This is the third part that they have successfully recovered.

Update Algor 1, 111- CrIsis delivers this piece to the Pyramid at Sinza.

If put on, it adds 250 SDC. The ribs regenerate 3 SDC/ melee. Fire/cold do 1/2 damage and the wearer is + 1 on all saving throws.


Osiris' Rib Cage

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