Osiris' Right Femur

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According to research done by Karma, the femur is reportedly held by a minotaur tribe, the Idrijian, somewhere in the Rocky Desert Region of the Baalgor Wastelands.

CrIsis recovers this piece on Thoth 30, 111. This leg bone can be used as a staff. It is known to be an effective weapon against undead, and can fire lightning bolts!

6D6 Damage (2x dam to vampires, zombies & animated dead.)
Fires Lightning Bolt 50’/level of wielder.
While holding impervious to all electric and fire attacks, even magic lightning and fire.
Grants an extra 250 SDC while holding- damage always comes from this first.

Xerx’ses placed this part in the Temple of Shandala.

Please see the logs In Elves We Trust and The Battle’s Front for more on its recovery.


Osiris' Right Femur

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