Osiris' Right Hand

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The Right Hand of Osiris is known to increase the bearers strength, and has some telekinetic powers.

Cava’s research at the Library of Bletherad indicates that the Right Hand of Osiris is being used to nefarious ends by a Tezcat Necromancer. This necromancer and his Tezcat followers slaughtered a Western Empire scouting group, where only 1 survived out of 12 well armed men. This happened in the Northern Freelands section of the Yin Sloth Jungles.

CrIsis recovers the hand on the 12th of Grekar, 112. It is now held by Asher. Asher, while meditating with the hand while in Mishala finds that it currently grants the following-if held or tied openly near a hand.

250 SDC (OSDC)
2x PS
Carry 2500 lbs, or if already capable of that weight, adds 2500 lbs to it (must use 1 hand)
Can do crushing damage, by pointing unburdened hand towards a person. 100’ range damage 2D4x10/melee, after an initial 4D4x10 damage on initial attack. Can be dodged nat 18-20 only.

Update Selestra 20, 112. The Hand is placed safely at the Great Pyramid in the holy city of Sekti-Abtu. See the log Zero Hand in Hand for more.


Osiris' Right Hand

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