Osiris' Right Index Finger

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The finger is known to provide assistance in finding buried or hidden locations.
Located in the Northern Wilderness, away from the cities of the Wolfen Empire. Part of an infamous pirate treasure trove at the Dragon’s Claw. The pirate’s name is the Dread Pirate Jason.

Location discovered by Chip, with assistance from Malkin Falimede, in the Library of Bletherad.

Adds 250 SDC (OSDC)
Locate Secret Compartments/Doors 89% or +10%
Find Water like dowsing spell w/in 100 miles.
Points to Ley/lines and Nexus within 200 miles.
Points to Osiris Parts within 200 miles. Must speak the word “Lawgiver” to activate.
It is by far the smallest piece, only 6" long.

Update 7th Majestic, 110. CrIsis recovered the right index finger! They found it, and numerous other items, in the treasure trove of the Dread Pirate Jason at the Dragon’s Claw. Tyvernos currently has the finger.

The finger pointed southwest for 4 members of CrIsis, Cava, Rell, Karma, and Tyvernos.

See the log Pull My Finger for more about this successful acquisition.

Update Corg 1, 110- CrIsis reaches Me’zfii Onh with the finger in Karma’s possession.

Thoth 11, 110- Tyvernos is given the finger to assist CrIsis in their search for the Ribs of Osiris.

Thoth 13, 110- Tyvernos, who had become evil due to the Lion Headdress, is stripped of the finger. It returns to Karma. Later, after the headdress has been taken away by Thoth, Karma returns the finger to Tyvernos as a sign of good faith.

Ra 24, 111- Tyvernos gives the finger to Bungo, after a group vote. After almost losing the finger, CrIsis decides to give Overkill the finger only 3 days later.

Od 25, 111- Tyvernos takes the Finger from Overkill to help him find the Left Foot of Osiris, and does not give it back. It is again dangling between the gnome’s legs.

Corg 21, 112- When Tyvernos leaves, he gives the Finger to Azariel.

Set 29, 112- Azariel leaves CrIsis, and gives the Finger to Caminata.

Od 3, 112- Caminata exchanges the Finger with Xerx’ses for the Member of Osiris.


Osiris' Right Index Finger

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