Overkill's 50 Names

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Redbeard’s Former Crew

Upon Overkill’s third death, (he earned the name Overkill) he was face to face with the goddess Bennu. In return for him being returned to the land of the living he was tasked with getting all 50 of his former crew of the pirate ship Redbeard to support his cousin, Minishmee. See the log Bennu the Benevolent?.

Honeysuckle and Annie also help in recruiting after Overkill’s death.

Later Bennu tasked Overkill to return Ferrel’s lyre, Cherlindria to its creator, Dante, due to his participation in seeing the Dark. Overkill also agreed to bring Drauka’s sword, Lector’s Revenge back to Greminor. See the logs Bent over Bennudiction and Drauka’s Death.

Name NickName Race Gender Last known place OCC Feelings for Overkill Home Country Met In Follow? Note
1. Jaer Gaglin Jafaar Human Male Merc Great Bizantium
2. Gronen Moin Monna Human Female Sailor Great Timiro
3. Mycundlera Eildun Human Female Pirate Fair Bizantium
4. Clena Ylvaraen Human Male Sailor Fair Timiro
5. Brw Thadd Brew Human Male Sailor Great Wolfen Empire
6. Shoneid Staffcavern Human Female Sailor Good Bizantium
7. Aler Aurafoar Human Male Sailor Good Mount Nimro
8. Swrurus Skurra Human Male Sailor Great Lopan
9. Hegan Metalprincess Dwarf Male Neven Mage Good Western Empire Caer Itom Yes Annie & Honey Recruit
10. Toil Swafrirm Manatie Gnome Male Mage Good Bizantium
11. Saerala Crystaldagger Dwarf Male Pirate Fair Eastern Territories Peningshir Yes Annie & Honey Recruit
12. Dangein Bamog Orc Male Psi-Healer Fair Bizantium
13. Ysaellga Tilin Kat Kall Elf Female Psi-Mystic Fair Timiro
14. Nonurssa Macecavern Dwarf Male Sailor Great Bizantium
15. Selil Reavercrag Human Male Pirate Bad Bizantium
16. Colenda Gladdrer Orc Female Sailor Good Timiro Lopan Yes Captain of the Redbeard renamed Sharks Tooth
17. Dasilan Eiddde Human Male Pirate Good Bizantium
18. Koguc Aergon The Cute Dwarf Male Cyclone Sailor Terrible Bizantium
19. Son Shorgor Human Male Cyclone Pirate Good Bizantium
20. Nulaerader Goddir Human Female Sailor Good Bizantium
21. Higan Hlon Higgens Human Male Merc Fair Timiro Marmana Yes Annie rolled a 1.
22. Dugnil Bral Human Male Sailor Fair Bizantium
23. Moibandner Folmur Meep Orc Female Sailor Great Western Empire Lopan Yes First Mate to the Sharks Tooth
24. Nilirarud Fredradaud The Proper Human Male Mage Good Bizantium Y-Oda Yes Battle of Bletherad Bay
25. Yerantng Countbone Human Male Sailor Fair Bizantium
26. Korar Gudar Preaches Human Male Bizantium Priest Great Bizantium Rivendyne Yes Overkill Recruited
27. Mollinur Staffcave Changling (Wolfen) Male Psi-Mystic Poor Baalgor Y-Oda Yes Battle of Bletherad Bay
28. Neallhein Quartzblade Dwarf Male Sailor Good Bizantium
29. Annenwen Muffsteel Human Female Sailor Great Western Empire Lopan Yes Annie Get Your Knife
30. Sinar Kurmul Human Male Pirate Bad Old Kingdom
31. Mapisena Farledineaule Maps Human Male Pirate Great Old Kingdom
32. Riercarrthein Kipra Changling (Elf) Male Assassin Bad Eastern Territories
33. Hanelanteer Maingais Human Female Sailor Great Floenry Islands Y-Oda Yes Battle of Bletherad Bay
34. Adanes Dumaineriegrand Human Male Sailor Poor Baalgor
35. Dezo Of The North Caves Dwarf Female Psi-Healer Great Bizantium
36. Jeillermo Avonbrush Cutlas Orc Female Sailor Poor Lopan Lopan Yes Forced to slavery but saved by the crew of the Redbeard/Shark Tooth
37. Kax Of Dolemouth Human Female Sailor Fair Wolfen Empire
38. Plint Of The Desert Folk Dwarf Male Mishalla Pirate Poor Bizantium Mishalla Yes Overkill Recruited
39. Hud Javelinwing Human Male Sailor Terrible Wolfen Empire
40. Ca Watchsquare Human Male Warlock Great Bizantium
41. Cha Goblinfortress Comical Human Male Sailor Terrible Wolfen Empire
42. Hamella Lion-Skull The Anal Dwarf Female Bizantium Pirate Poor Bizantium Hadrian’s Cove Shipped The Sea, She Can Be a Real Bitch
43. Vev Wisemuff Human Female Mage Poor Bizantium
44. Wrunella Of Bathscribe Honeysuckle Dwarf Female Pirate Great Western Empire Lopan Yes The Story of Honeysuckle
45. En Double-Eye Dwarf Cyclops Human Female Priest Good Eastern Territories Peningshir Yes Annie & Honey Recruit
46. Eyce Jarsiella Human Male Warlock Great Eastern Territories Llorn Yes Overkill Recruited
47. Ress The Looker Changling (Gnome) Female Sailor Good Timiro Yes Annie & Honey Recruited
48. Lattaronike The Broad Human Female Sailor Good Bizantium Peningshir Yes Annie & Honey Recruit
49. Pitta Waterclaw Dwarf Male Sailor Poor Wolfen Empire
50. Kenox Of Quin-Cypress The Hospitable Human Male Pirate Good Western Empire Y-Oda Yes Battle of Bletherad Bay

Items to be Returned Person Location Current Holder
Cherlindria Dante Philips Ophid’s Grasslands Unknown
Lector’s Revenge Greminor Avramstown Returned

Overkill's 50 Names

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