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Not only do the players write great logs, but some are artists as well!! There are photo manips, charcoal, drawings, and others here. Two of our players have done character portraits! Our current artist is one of our current players- AZ_Rune- the Portrait page is Here. You can see additional work on his own page, and please do! AZ Rune Art and his DeviantArt page Here. Gaitkeeper, did some of the previous character portraits, which are Here.

We also have had portraits done of some of our player characters by artists that have been published by Palladium Books. Those pictures can be seen here.

Pennant of the Lizard King by Gaitkeeper.

Miseito Psalidia by Gaitkeeper.
Congregation of Terosh by Gaitkeeper.

Ja’Deir by Gaitkeeper.
Gina the Gypsum Geode by Gaitkeeper

Bungo by PandaJester
Roggan Golem by Gaitkeeper

Gavin by Panda Jester

Cava by charred
Evil Tyvernos by charred
Alu Demon by charred
Cava’s Prayer by charred
CrIsis by Syreene and compiled/shopped by Gaitkeeper.


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Player Art

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