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One of 2 Enchanted Throwing Axes belonging to Rell, Prav teleports back to the users hand after striking. Damage in Hand to Hand combat is 1D6, but as a thrown weapon it does 2D4+3, with a range of 40’. It can only be held by one of Scrupulous or Principled alignment. Any other alignment suffers 1D4 damage for every melee they hold it.

Following is the story of how Rell came to be in possession of Lyev & Prav.

For some reason men respond better to flirting when the object of their attention is wearing a dress…or other feminine attire. Sometimes the less the better.

The proprietress, Bianca, asked me to strip, to which I complied, and she took my measurements. She lingered a bit too long below the waist, but it did not go further than a brushing touch as she measured that area. Why she needed to measure my inseam for a dress I have no idea, but she is the expert.

I was informed that it would be at least three days before the dress would be complete, so I have nothing to do until then. I didn’t take up her offer of companionship in the meantime.

The situation with the Family is getting worse, and I only hope I can return their property to them in time. It seems that the loss of the Axes has displayed a lack of power to a rival.

Dated this 8th day of Gryphon in the 340th year of the dominion:
It took a little longer than expected, but I finally have my dress. The wig I picked up from a new acquaintance in the District. She was disappointed that I refused to go further than talk. She even tried offering her services for free, as if that would be enough to break down my barrier. Actually, come to think of it, I think she’s the one who wanted a barrier breached.

There were no assaults by sailors of anyone while I was waiting for my costume to be completed.

It fit perfectly, and with the long wig, and a touch of makeup, I looked halfway passable…from anything over ten feet. Hopefully a bit of acting would be all that was necessary to get me within reach of the Axes, or at least able to ascertain their location.

Tomorrow, I depart.

Dated this 13th day of Gryphon in the 340th year of the dominion:
Kendal, my one-time tormentor, is dead.

Jayne told me about it as we sat in that dark tent for two days while they tried to decide who would get which of us.

If you hadn’t guessed already, my plan worked a little too well. I seem to have underestimated the male sex drive a bit. Judging by myself, I figured that it wouldn’t be much of an issue: you put it out of your mind and move on, letting logic rule your impulses.

Apparently brigands aren’t much into self denial.

When I rode in on South Wind, bold as can be, they pulled me down and threw me into their “treasure” tent. I say “treasure” but what I really mean is refuse bin. Piles of rotting leather and moldy fabric. Formerly fine foods. A couple of gems here and there. Almost no gold to speak of.

The only true treasures in there were Jayna, an acquaintance from the School, and the Axes.

No sooner had they closed the tent flap, than I was out of my bonds and over to Jayna. She showed me her untied wrists before she put her hands behind her again.

“Nice dress, Pretty Boy.”

“Figured it would get me into camp easier than trying to sneak in.”

“Yeah, but you ended up in the same place I did.”

“I didn’t think they were sending you out solo…”

“They didn’t”

She then told me about how there had been three of them originally. Herself, Kendal, and another Collector with whom I’d never met.

The other two were dead. The barrier around the camp served as an early warning to the brigands inside it. The patrols were mostly for show.

Apparently they’d been paid by some lord in the city to keep the Axes here.

Jayne had tried to escape three times already. And three times she’d been given to one of the chief’s guards to be taught a lesson. She’d planned on taking as many of the brigands with her this time. She would not be given away again.

For two days we conspired about a best option for escape, and finally we ended up on the worst plan I’ve ever heard. I would use the Axes to protect Jayne while she escaped.

On my horse.

But the worst part was that I would be using a clients possessions to save another Collector.

The pleading in Jayne’s eyes finally sold me.

The next few minutes was a blur, like any melee is.

The two who’d finally won the lottery, and the brawl that erupted afterward, entered the tent to claim their prize. I attacked them from behind and dispatched them before they even knew what hit them.

We exited the tent in opposite directions: Jayne out the back through a hole I’d cut, and myself into the fracas still going on in front.

The tide turned when I threw the first of the Axes. I was sure that I’d just thrown away one of my only two weapons, and the brigands thought so as well. This wasn’t the case. It returned to my hand as if by magic. Well, it was actual magic.

After that, the brigands lost what little backbone they’d had and turned to run.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I am wearing slippers, my change of clothing is in South Wind’s saddle bags, and South Wind is in Llorn with Jayne.

I get to walk over twenty miles to Llorn in slippers wearing a torn dress.

I should have remembered to tell Jayne to leave my real clothing somewhere I could find it. Luckily I’’d had the forethought to have a diary pouch sewn into the lining of the dress’ petticoats.

Dated this 14th day of Gryphon in the 340th year of the dominion:
My feet are sore.

Jayne left southwind in the stable of The Emtpy Tankard like I asked, and left a message for me that I didn’t ask for.

She thanked me for her rescue and wondered if I’d like to keep her company for the night. She used a much more lurid description of the task she wanted to put upon me.

Apparently she wanted to be fully in control of her next sexual encounter in an attempt to get over what those brigands had done.

It would have been doing both of us a disservice if I’d taken her up on her offer.

She may think she wants this, but I know that it isn’t something you can really push through.

She needs time to heal.

I declined her in person. She knew my reputation and wasn’t completely surprised.

The dress is ruined. It will never be as fine as it was originally, but with a couple of feel removed from the skirt it fit a waif I met on my way into the city. In my opinion she looked better in the dress than I ever did.

Tomorrow I return the Axes to their rightful owners.

Dated this 15th day of Gryphon in the 340th year of the dominion:
While I was sitting in a tent trying to figure a way to get out the client has been killed. Not only the client, but his entire household. Children, retainers, servants, no one was left as witness to this vile act.

There is so much more to this story than I will likely ever know, but for now I’m going to tell the Guild what has happened and see what further work they have for me.



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