Pyramid of Avramstown

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Bexx’ research at the Library of Bletherad told of one in Avramstown in the Northern Wilderness, protected by Ramen!

CrIsis reaches this pyramid on the 5th of Thoth, 109 PA. Here they all meet Isis Herself!! She creates for the Tongue of Osiris the same protection effect that was created for the Heart of Osiris in Haven.

This pyramid is a duplicate of the one that was built in Haven, complete with a temple that resembles the Antes Temple. In fact, after CrIsis leaves the complex, the temple rises so that there are 100 steps to reach it, just like the Antes Temple.

See the logs Softer Side of a Dwarf, How Rell Recovered, Where the Wind Blows, Bathing in Bennude?, Rise of Signs, Night of the Alu Demons, Return From the City of the Dead, Flee From the Father, A Day in the Life:CrIsis, and Rise of the Brotherhood for more on CrIsis at the Pyramid of Avramstown.


Pyramid of Avramstown

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