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Captain of the Lemarian Guard, Follower of Isis Complete character sheet is Here.

Human who is in charge of taking CrIsis from Storm Haven to Cassandra in Lemaria.

He later joins CrIsis in their attempt to recover Osiris’ Rib Cage on the Isle of Set.

Thoth and Horus promote Raf to King of Lemaria.

Name Raf
Rank 10th Level
OCC Mercenary Fighter
Race Human
Land of Origin: Lemaria

Picture by Saturno Arg


Raf Innisfahl; it’s such a simple name, to invoke so many things. In me, love and respect for my mother, who in her wisdom honored my father by giving her son his name. The Memory of my Father, Captain of the Lemarian Guard, as was his father, and his grandfather. The look that gets in the soldiers’ eyes, expectant, confident in me and my command; the coy play of Women in power, wanting to elevate my position to one more… intimate; the simple musings in confidence by a woman that no woman denies as quasi-goddess: the High Priestess of Isis; and last of all, in my Nursemaid, Kaiah, a cluck of mock disappointment, no doubt remembering any one of a number of breezy summer afternoons after a rough bout with a bully, or guard, or unsuspecting rock. “Why, if it isn’t Raf, again.” That is the thought that crosses my mind when I catch a glimpse of myself, decked out in my duties: a bull-headed kid, rushing headlong after a bully, only to trip and have an encounter with a mud-covered rock. It isn’t that I don’t think much of my self; it’s that I don’t think OF myself. I don’t worry about myself when doing my duty, or protecting the weak. I just … Do. I am a weapon in the hands of the Gods. If they choose to destroy me in a Refiners’ fire, let it be done. If they choose to wield me against their foes to defend others, or destroy, so be it.
Synonymous with Raf, it seems, is Chivalrous. I don’t understand that word. It is based on the idea that women need men to place them where they already are – on a pedestal; such an alien concept! Ever since I was young, women have commanded respect. They are everything a man is – and more. She has the power and strength of character a man does, amplified, and carried on an ocean of serenity. I am honored by my place at the head of the Lemarian Guard. I command hundreds of honorable and worthy men and women, to protect the lands blessed by the great Isis. Through my service, I have close contact with the High Priestess. You have no idea how fulfilling it is to be in her presence, and see her joy at my service.


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