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The Reaping

A special attack used only by The Man With No Name with his scythe Vindicator. According to the Agreement, ‘’The one known as the Man with No Name shall be able to send souls to Khonsu, bypassing Anubis’ judgement, equivalent only to the number of souls of former CrIsis members and close associates guarding Cynopolis.’’
Count: Protectors- 9
Souls given to Khonsu- 1

Must be called before the attack, can only be used once on that individual. If successful strike, victim must save vs magic at 15. Successful save means the victim takes 2x damage, 3x damage if creature of magic or supernatural. Failed save the victim’s soul is taken directly to Khonsu for judgement! Vindicator can send 6 souls per calendar month to Khonsu.

Reaped Level Date
Gul 20 3/20/115

Unsuccessful Reap Date


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