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Pretty Human Master Collector

The best way to describe Rell is slight. His features are fine and he has a delicate bone structure. He hasn’t shaved more than once or twice a week since he was a teenager, and that is fine by him. Even when it grows in, his beard is sparse and wispy. He has dark brown hair and ice blue eyes, which some women, and many men, find irresistible.

He has a slight scar at his neck from the collar that used to rest there, but most of the time his past as a slave is invisible as far as marks on his body are concerned.

Name Rellenteremendar aka Rell
Rank 8th Level
Race Human
HT 5’11" Save vs Spell /1
WT 200lbs Save vs ritual /1
PPE 14 Save vs Psionic +5/6
HP 51/51 Save vs toxin /1
SDC 26/26 Save vs poison /1
Level 8 Save vs Drugs /8
Exp. 62921 Save vs Insanity +2/3
Birthday 1/14/82 (age 27) Save vs poss. /1
HTH:Expert Save vs horror /4
Gold 0 Eastern 710 Northern(4-30-12) Save vs coma/death /1
Charm/Impress 65% Save vs pain /1
Alignment Scrupulous Save vs illusion /1
ISP 47 Save vs. m.c. /8
Reputation 7

poison -2 Strike/Parry/Dodge

Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 21 (+7%) Strike +3
ME 19 Parry +6
MA 17 Dodge +6
PS 17 Roll +6/3
PP 16 Pull +2
PE 13 Initiative /1
PB 23 Damage +2
SPD 11 Entangle
Critical 18.19.20 Attacks 4
Perception 3
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Damage
Knife/Hand Axe 1 +3 +3 +5
Targeting 1 +5
Paired Hand Axe 5
Battle Axe 7 +1 +1 +1D6
Weapons: Damage SDC or Make AR or Range
Sling 1D6 80’
Dagger 1D6 40’
Armor Studded Leather 30 13

Kicks:Karate 2D4, Kick 2D6, Roundhouse Kick 3d6, Leg Hook (no damage, trips target, can’t be parried)

OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ L-A C-L Total % Secondary Skills Base % CL-A C-R Total %
Language: Eastern 98 0 1 8 98% Boxing 1 8
Language:Southern 40+5 27 1 8 98% Gymnastics 1 8
Language: Faerie 40+5 27 1 8 98% Acrobatics 1 8
Language: Elven(Blessed) 40+5 17 1 8 98% Horsemanship:General 35/20+5 3 8 67/52
Literacy: Elven(Blessed) 30+5 17 1 8 82% Play Flute 25+5 3 8 67
Literacy: Eastern 30+5 17 1 8 91% Play Flute, Professional +10 5 8 Above
Math: Basic 45+5 27 1 8 98% WP: Paired Axe 5 8
Prowl 25+5 12 1 8 72% Balance 40+5 1 8 87%
Streetwise 20+4 27 1 8 75% Climb 40+5 1 8 872/87%
Surveillance 25+5 22 1 8 82% Tightrope 30+3 1 8 60%
Track Humanoids 25+5 17 1 8 77% Back Flip 40+5 1 8 87%
Intelligence 30+4 19 1 8 77% Parallel Bars 30+3 1 8 58%
Interrogation 30+5 22 1 8 87%
Land Navigation 30+4 17 1 8 66%
WP:Targeting 1 8
WP: Axe 1 8
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ L-A C-L Total %
Disguise 25+5 17 1 8 77%
Imitate Voice/Impersonation 36/16/12/10+4 17 1 8 83/63/59/55%
Teamster 35+5 22 1 8 92%
Detect Concealment/Traps 25+5 17 1 8 77%
Escape Artist 25+5 17 1 8 77%
Heraldry 15/20+5 17 1 8 67/72%
Legal Knowledge 25+5 12 1 8 72%
Seamanship 22+4 17 1 8 67%
Barter 25+5 17 1 8 77%
Sign Language 25+5 17 1 8 77%
Cryptography 15+5 17 3 8 57%
Pick Locks 30+5 17 6 8 57%
Lore: Fairy 30+5 7 1 8 72%
Writing 20+5 17 8 8 37%

Special Powers:PSIONICS

Psionic Type ISP Cost Range Duration Save Description
See Aura Sensitive 6 60’ Visible 2 melees None Low, Med, or High XP, Presence of magic, psionics, aberration, possession. High/low PPE. Healthy/sick.
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 90’ Varies None +6 Init, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks
Impervious to Cold (Superior) Physical 8 Self or Touch 2 hours/lev None A gift from Apis, Takes 1D4 melees of trance. May give 2 touches/use. Suffer no ill effects/discomfort from exposure to even extreme freezing conditions.

Inventory: 1 Winter set of Clothing, 1 Summer set of Clothing, Cloak w/ Collectors Badge, Boots, Soft Leather Gloves, Belt, Bedroll, Purse, Backpack, Saddlebags,1 Large Sack, 1 Medium Sack, 2 Small Sacks, Waterskin, Hand Manacles, 40’ Rope. Feminine Bracelet of Supernatural Strength. 1 Potion of Tongues. Small vial of holy water. Backpack of Holding, 45 lb weight limit. 10 Sheets of Paper. Some furs, a small pouch: Sealed, a day of meat:smoked.
Has a horse- see South Wind.

11k worth of Jewels Jewels 58 Krill 61 Dragon coins

Wearing Teamster: Summer Clothing, Gloves and Boots. Belt. Manacles on belt.

Wearing Hiking: Leather armor, gloves and boots, belt, manacles on belt. Bracelet, Axes, sling.

Sleeping: Shirt and Pants.

Walking inventory: Backpack, 24 days food, 1 large sack, Waterskin, Ropes, Bedroll, Potions. Small vial of holy water.

Notes from Bletherad: There is a piece of Osiris on the Island of Set.

His memories were born into pain, and he was destined to lose his memories in the same way.

Rell was born to a slave in Lopan, a woman of unquestioned beauty and skill. His own beauty appeared early and was a curse upon him. His early life was one of pain and confusion as he was passed from one master to the next, each one seeking the novelty of it all. He was almost seven years old before he even realized that he could speak like the masters. The lesson to hold his tongue has stuck with him to this day.

It wasn’t his choice to flee. An escaping slave had thought that he would either provide pleasant companionship or provide her with money, as pimp or slaver. It didn’t matter to her which.

She hadn’t thought her plan through well enough. Rell never knew her name, and didn’t even bother to bury her.

He wandered for two days alone in the forest before he realized that something was wrong. He’d never know hunger or thirst, and so the pain in his belly reminded him of nothing more than unwanted attentions. He put that pain away like he did all the other pain in his life.

It didn’t lessen like the other pains he’d had, however.

“She told us we’d find him here.”

Rell looked around himself. The voice had been tiny, and high pitched.

“We found him, so, we can leave him right?” The second voice was just as tiny, but a bit lower pitched.

“She said she’d reward us for fixing him.”

“I think the pretty one is beyond fixing.”

“What is broken?” Rell asked of the unseen voices.

“The child speaks Dragonese,” the first voice said.

“And he’s pretty enough. Let’s fix him like she wanted.”

It would be years before he knew the “she” that the pixies had been referring to, but Apis had saved his life. They removed the collar from his throat, and fed him, and taught him. He found a little joy before he grew too old for them to want around anymore. For four years he had stayed with the pixies, and at the age of twelve he was once again on his own.

This time, he was a little more prepared for what the world had to offer him.

But not by much.

He was starving on the streets of a city he’d never bothered to learn the name of when he saw his first Collector. The cloak looked so warm, and he figured he could pick out the embroidery. He’d done the same with other clothing he’d taken in the past.

He had picked out over half of the embroidery before the Collector had caught up with him.

“What have you there, boy?”

“Your cloak. I figured that I needed it more, so I changed its ownership.”

“Stealing is a crime.”

“And letting people starve and freeze to death is a sin, but you don’t see many people rushing to fix that.”

The Collector stopped for a moment and then busted out in laughter.

“Then I’ll consider the loss of the cloak as a lesson to be more vigilant to those in need around me. You have a name boy?”

“The masters called me comere. The pixies called me pretty.”

“They called you Rellenteremendar?”

“No, pretty.”

“I just said…that’s Fairyspeak, isn’t it?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Have you got a lot to learn, Rell. Well, I figure that sin is more important to punish than law breaking myself, Rell. In fact I figure you’re old enough to learn a trade.”

“I know a trade.”

The disgust in his voice suggested to the old Collector just what sort of trade he had been taught.

“Son, I meant my trade. I return what is lost, and find what is stolen.”

Rell looked at him a bit strangely, and then nodded.

“Can’t be worse than starving.”

“Rell, there are many things worse than starving, but this ain’t one of them.”

Rell never bothered to learn the old Collector’s name, something he regrets to this day, but he was grateful for the new home he was lead to.

The other children at the home treated Rell as an outsider, but he didn’t mind. He was finally beginning to understand the world around him, and he soon realized he had an aptitude for learning. He loved to learn. He took to his studies well. It wasn’t long before his teachers realized that the old Collector’s instincts had been right on. They began his mental training and soon Rell was able to not only see the intentions and abilities of others, but was able to get a sense of when someone intended him harm.

This later happened all too frequently at the school.

After he embarased the eldest son of the school’s headmaster, Rel had been sent out on his first mission. Underprepared and alone, Rell had been sent to fulfill a fifteen year old task. A specific signet ring had gone missing and a noble family wanted it back.

Rell tracked the ring into the Land of the South Winds. He had infiltrated a pirate ring, becoming one of them at least from all appearances. He even taught himself the sling to better fit in with them. It took him almost two years before he found the location of the signet ring.

He left with the ring in his pouch. He left all of his other belongings behind. They had belonged to the pirates, and he was no longer a pirate.

He collected the worn cloak from where he’d hidden it, still strangely intact, and wore it back to the chapter house that was expecting the return of the signet ring.

The headmaster was removed from his post when the exact nature of his crime had been uncovered.

Rell was unbothered by any of it.

They sent an older and more experienced Collector with him for the next mission. Rell took it in stride. The other Collector was so unnerved by Rell’s willingness not only to rely solely on his skills of deception and mimicry, but by the way in which the quiet Rell seemed to be consumed by whatever character he put on.

Other Collectors refused to work with the pretty young man after that.

It suited Rell fine.

Rell is beginning to make a name for himself in more than one way. He refuses to have sex. He will flirt with a pretty girl, and even some of the more handsome boys, but he never goes beyond talk. Some people who have heard of him consider it a challenge and want to be the one known to have bedded the Prettiest Collector. Others just enjoy the banter.

Regardless he has not had an intimate relationship with anyone since before the pixies took him in.

Rell was born under the sign of Ghundeg, Od’s Sword. Those born under this sign tend to think in terms of absolutes. Most are very passionate about their beliefs, and those that are religious are avid members of their faith, resolute and unwavering.


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