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RHAZNOR (deceased)

According to research done by Chu, with obvious assistance from Malkin Falimede, this leader of a group of thieves, mostly orcs, has been terrorizing the northeastern Timiro Kingdom. He raided a Karowyn’s Merchant House caravan, and has acquired the Tongue of Osiris. He is rumored to own a magic sword, which can fight without him holding it.

The attack on the caravan occurred near the town of Ac, near Fort Ac.

Update Majestic 22nd, 8th Year of King Gedro. Rhaznor was captured by CrIsis, and turned over to the original owners of Nargash Tor, a group of kobolds. They torture and then kill him. His horde is distributed between CrIsis and the kobolds, and CrIsis acquires its first piece of Osiris, the Tongue of Osiris


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