Ring of the Wanderer

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Ring of the Wanderer

This lapus lazuli ring was originally given to Chip, who gave it to Overkill when he left Palladium.

When touching this ring, if the keeper of it blesses Isis it will shine from within, and the gem will glow with a picture of Elanu beside his beloved goddess.

Elanu himself stated about the ring, in The Wanderer- ’Show the blessed ring to anyone who doubts that I have sent you, with the blessings of Isis, back to my home. Beware, however, the Defilers are still known among the evil and selfish, and many will oppose you, and want to tear ( OR BITE) the ring off your finger."

“I still have power, although I am aged. I can help you at your direst need, but only once in our lifetimes…. You must touch the ring whilst you wear it, and call my true name- Cornelius Lipschitz (now you know why I went by Elanu). I will appear by your side in a blink (your next attack). This again will only happen once, as the link between our two homes is tentative and unpredictable.”

It was used in Wisdom at the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild.

See the log Bluto’s Other Log for more.


Ring of the Wanderer

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