Rod Rambler

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The Bard

A legendary minstrel and storyteller, Rod Rambler is the pseudonym for Malkin Falimede, who long ago retired from his bardic travels for a life of scholarly pursuits.

The recent release of new material under the name of Rod Rambler are breaking sales records in booksellers across Palladium. The first release included The Wanderer, The Goddess & A New World, Emerald Ghosts and Wimpy Wolven, Secrets of the Library, and Lost in Tranzlation.

The title of the first collection is “Introducing CrIsis”.

The second collection is much longer. It includes all of the logs from Greldarr’s First Day With Humans to Pirates? What The…?, a span of 17 logs. It’s title is “CrIsis- Heroes?”

The third book runs from the log What Rell Did to Knives, Glorious Knives, a total of 47 logs. At the end of the book there is a false entry, written in Chip’s style, that states erroneously that CrIsis is going south to Dragon’s Roost. It is titled, “The Quest in Earnest”.

The fourth book is called “CrIsis Triumphant?” and is from the log Choose Wisely to Missing Home, a total of 39 logs. The end of book has Chip stating that the group is in Sekti-Abtu for the Festival of the Pantheon of Ra- which would have been Ra 1,110, when CrIsis was actually in Sinza. This is Chip’s last ever entry.

Book 5 is named, appropriately, “CrIsis Changing”. It spans 49 logs, from The Mourning After (6/23/12) to Who Is Patch? (10/13/12). It starts with the deaths of Robert & Chip, includes all of Lemaria, and the acquisition and deposit of Osiris’ Rib Cage. It covers Bafag’s death, and the crowning of Minischmee. The book ends with CrIsis in the Northern Seas. Terramore & Quixis have joined to assist them. CrIsis is made up of Overkill, Cava, Gavin, Tyvernos, Drauka, Karma, and Ferrel.

Book 6- Crisis in CrIsis is 50 logs, from Chip’s Ahoy(10/27/12) to Let’s Talk. (3/16/13) CrIsis is in Llorn, and is made up of Overkill, Cava, Gavin, Tyvernos, and Roggan. It also includes the first 2 Kah’ria logs. Published worldwide Algor 1, 112.

Books 3 and 4 sell for between 150-200 in large towns, and can fetch 2-3 times that in outlying areas. Book 5 and 6 start at 250-400.

Rod Rambler stops writing the books of CrIsis after Book 6, but begins again at Book 10. See also Books of CrIsis.

Art done by AZ_RUNE.

Rod Rambler

A God...Rebuilt AZ_RUNE