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Troglodyte Earth Warlock, Follower of Apis
Complete character sheet is Here.

Roggan portrait by Gaitkeeper. Full size picture can be found here.


Roggan is a male Troglodyte. He is 5’ tall, and around 140 lbs. Troglodytes are naturally ‘Fluffy’, but since he’s light, he has very little fat on his arms or legs. Troglodytes are humanoid, with webbed hands that are reminiscent of frogs, and lizard-like feet and head. They have very large, dark eyes. Roggan’s are deep brown, almost black. Skin tone is grey, and Roggan is very pale. They have fangs protruding from their lips. Roggan has been exiled for most of his life, so he doesn’t have the same afinity for pure stone weapons, he also feels that working stone with chisels and picks is mean. He uses a dwarven halberd, expertly made, and a war maul with a polished wooden handle that has Apis’ symbol etched and painted on it. He always has his Sun Sight Amulet on, as his sight in daylight is atrocious, and he always has his hood up, to protect his eyes, except in shadow. He has a pet rock, made of Schist, called Bluto; He never goes anywhere without him. He has a silver ring with Apis’ symbol on his index finger. He’s always picking up special rocks, and putting them into his small leather pouches, as he’s always happy to take new ‘rock friends’ with him.

While in the city of Rivendyne, Roggan created a Stone Golem named Gina


Roggan old. Roggan not really old, just old. Roggan remembers Trog home. Beautiful, happy place. Roggan had many friends there. Rocks, Gems, Trogs. Roggan happy there. But Trogs hate Roggan. Them not talk to rock friends. Them mean to rock friends. Them use hammers and picks, hurt rocks. Them sell Gems to Pink-faces. Roggan run away. Trogs try to hurt Roggan, for talk to rock friends. Roggan run to Pink-face – Dwahrff? – home. Nohrfowlm. Pink-faces not like Roggan. Rogan talk to Gem friends.

One dwahrff like Roggan. Roggan help dwahrff friend, help gem friends. Dwahrff name Murodin. Roggan travel with Murodin, find new gem friends Roggan not see before. Murodin give Roggan neckie. Neckie look like eye. Neckie help Roggan see in day. Murodin nice, Murodin also give Roggan Bluto. Bluto Roggan best friend. Roggan take Bluto everywhere. Roggan meet missionaries for Horus with Murodin. Roggan think Horus not nice, not like Apis. Apis nice. Murodin like Apis, too. Murodin give Roggan ring with Apis face. Roggan love Apis. Apis funny cow-lady. Roggan never see cow-people. Murodin die, Roggan leave Nohrfowlm. Roggan sad Murodin gone. Murodin give silly horse to Roggan.

Roggan horse name Murodin. Roggan go to Wrijin. Roggan live with Wakiw. Wakiw nice. Wakiw puppy-lady. Puppy-men funny the Woafin. Wakiw teach Roggan magic. Wakiw talk to Bluto. Bluto happy, Bluto like Wakiw. Wakiw not travel, stay in Wrijin. Roggan like Wrijin.

Roggan meet Apis!! Roggan never more happy in Roggan life! Apis send Roggan to new friends.


Troglodytes exile, but do not hunt down, any magic-wielding Trog. They don’t have as much fear of other magic-wielding races, since they rarely have contact with them.

Murodin took Roggan in after his exile. Roggan received Bluto from Murodin, which then became his best, and oldest, friend. Murodin converts Roggan to Apis, and despite his time with his next mentor, he never lets go of those teachings. After Murodin passed, Roggan received the Obaru, (not a horse) which Murodin had trained him how to ride during their travels. Roggan named his new steed ‘Murodin’ in memorium of his guardian

They passed by Wrijin a lot while Murodin was alive, on expeditions to the northern mines, where he met a Wolven Warlock, Wakiw. Wakiw taught Roggan how to harness his natural magic abilities, and lived with Roggan for a majority of his life. They grew close, and will attest to anyone that asks they are siblings.


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