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Human Mage/Bard, Follower of Thoth
Complete character sheet is Here.


Rooster is 5’4", and comfortably muscled, sitting at 165 lbs. He has sun-worn peach-colored skin, and plenty of laugh lines! He prizes his crows’ feet. He has jaw-length dark brown hair with a European curl to it. (Think Fabio or Viggo Mortensen -but not on the perm side.) He has a half-inch beard along his jaw and around his mouth. He has sparkling green eyes. His stance and posture is always courtly… lord with a dash of jester.

His dark brown leather of iron looks like a stately coat with very low profile shoulder guards. He has a puffy white shirt. Pants are black cloth, tucked into worn, calf-high, brown leather boots. Armguards are studded leather that cover the back of the hands, and wrap around the inside of the knuckles and palm. He is always plucking around on his Lute, which is enchanted for song magic


Pardon my terrible parchment, I spend so much of my time creating verse that I hardly have a single sheaf that isn’t plastered with washed out remnants of notes. Anyroad, let me begin. Clears Throat peremptorily

Hail and Well Met, fellow travellers!

I am Lord Gregory Chaunticleer Malory; Bard Extraordinaire, Master of Audiences, Commander of Imagination, Lover of Intrigue, Grand Inquisitor of True Balladry. I awake in my attenders that which they never thought resided in them – may it be Awe or Horror, Love or Loathing – whether Supercilious or Serf! For this, and for many more reasons I care not to proclaim in quill at this juncture, I am also called Rooster!

It is by that name, and with a grand list of titles in Capital Letters, that I am known to the world. Gregory Chaunticleer Malory is the name I reveal to none save it be my heart-linked. If you are reading this, it means you have been included in such a company, and for this I say,

Hail and Well Met, fellow travellers!

I was born of a Princess and her Priest advisor. The liaison was one so besotted with intrigue, machinations, and political and religious maneuverings, that my destiny was to either become a politician or a bard! I chose the less demeaning of the two options – after all, ‘tis better to sleep in a pig’s sty for a night than to become the pig himself, no?

Cast off by my ‘family’ I adopted a new family. The Public! The Merchants, Soldiers, Workers, Beggars, Lords and Ladies; Any and All who deserve to hear my tales of Wonderment and Truth!

My current adventure started, as these things often do, with a search for truth! I had heard tales of a mysterious people thought extinct since the great war against the Old Ones. From the small amount I knew of them, I felt it must have been a Sulestan Tragedy; of the sort to shake the very foundations of mortal emotion!

The Ashada were a peaceful, loving people who had the misfortune to emerge from the aptly-named Lands of the Damned. Elfanoids of Rodentine persuasion, they had prodigious physical prowess and ability, as well as a hybrid Oligarchy-Psionocracy. Vivid and welcoming, their homeland flowed with milk and honey. But, as it always does to edenoid paradises, disaster struck! They were set upon by a legion of the Chaos Armies. The battle ended with all remnants of the Ashada being wiped from existence – or so I believed. I pursued every thread I could suss out of obscurity until I found the Golden Thread – Their true story!

I had heard a rumor that there was an Ashada maiden working in the fabled Library of Bletherad as a scholar. I played my way across the Hinterlands to a Wolfen Port, where I purchased passage for Y-Oda. I arrived weary of the incessant bobbing of the ship, and thankful Fate turned me to Bardish Happiness instead of Sailing.

Her name was as exotic as her parentage, and I learned much from her about the Ashada. They survived, and they had a thriving hidden community! I studied under her for a year, before I started to search more into the disappearance of her people on my own.

Unwitting delving into hidden topics opened a ‘warded chest of Graveyard Wurms,’ so to speak. I discovered magical arts hidden and locked away, only mastered by a very select few – the full list of which can be ticked off of a Rahu-man’s left side. Whether it was Fate or the Will of the Gods, my mind was opened, and I tapped the magical powers, thinking the sing-song incantations and instructions were some form of ancient bardic chant.

Long story short (and it is short, if you only knew the half,) I learned that magic, and it started me down the path to become what I am today! The grandest Bard to Laud CrIsis! Second only – for now – to Rod Rambler. If only Terramore still graced the lyric and verse, I’d have such competition… But even great men die – and more often before their time than not.

I was apprenticed to a blow hard old codger that didn’t bother leaving more than a few scrawled words on a parchment before he left. But he set me on my path, taught me more magic than I had dreamed of knowing, and introduced me to the Gods’ Avatars.

And now I find myself in the midst of greatness, set upon at every angle, and I couldn’t be more at peace.

The Rooster Crows, to turn the Night to Day!


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