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Please also refer to the Game Master Contract.

Please be aware that we do our best to follow Palladium Books Internet Policy.

We follow the Gaming 10 Commandments (Thanks Skyland Games!), and our own set of Rules of Conduct.

All The Saving Throws.

Spell Casting

We are using the fast spell casting rules that appears in the Rifts Ultimate Edition.
Spell invocation levels 1-5 use up one (1) melee attack/action.
Spell invocation levels 6-10 use up two (2) melee attacks/actions.
Spell invocation levels 11-15 AND Spells of Legend use a minimum of three (3) melee attacks/actions.

Scroll conversion, scroll reading, and spell book rules are here.

Adjustment in learning spells: Take 1 hour off/level of time to learn spell for the spell casters level learning, and 1 hour off/level for teachers level.


Speed is equal to the number of yards you can run in 1 minute.


Each coin weighs 1/4 ounce, other than Old Kingdom coins, which weigh 1/2 ounce. Old Kingdom Dragon coins weigh 1 oz each.


Someone with 1 weapon may parry 3 attacks. Someone using paired weapons may parry 4 attacks. If attempting to parry more than that, the character loses an attack as a dodge.

Called Shots/Weapons

You can only damage weapons/shields with called shots. The only other called shots allowed are for giants, dragons, and other super-sized creatures.


Any death where the player is not resurrected will result in a new character being created for that player at 2 levels below level at death. Each death lowers the chance of future resurrections by 10%, example 2 deaths= – 20%.

Steps if Character is close to Death- First- Anyone that gets below 0 hp save vs coma. Then, after your PE in minutes, another save. Then, unless under medical care, save vs death, or if you fail on 2 save vs coma in a row. Then, if you aren’t helped by PE in hours from original time by some medical care, save vs. death, and once/hour thereafter.
Second- If the damage is more than your PE below 0 (example, PE of 13, damage of -15) you must immediately save vs. death. If succeed, then save vs coma, and repeat as above in #1.

For permanent dead it is PE + Character level. PE 12 Character Level 11 can go to -23 below.


Remember: This is a role-playing GAME! So, to continue to encourage laughter, I will continue to award xp when you make the gm laugh. Extra xp when you make all of us laugh!

New Members

New members to CrIsis require unanimous approval of current group members, after three sessions to get a sample of how they roleplay.


We are using the perception rules from Dead Reign, from Palladium Books, with bonuses coming from ME.
Easy: 4 Moderate: 8 Challenging: 14 Difficult: 17 Masterful: 19
Perception & Skills: Skills such as Prowl, Concealment, etc add to Perception. + 1 every 10 points of skill. Use common sense… prowl does not help in discovering a secret door.


We are using the movement rules given in the Old Ones Sourcebook, pages 22-24.

Parry Arrows

Arrows can be parried by those 10th level or higher, at a -10 to parry. Shields can be used by all levels to be parry arrows at any level. and those 10th level or higher, at a -5 to parry.


On character’s birthday, all 20 sided rolls are + 4, all skills are + 20%.
On personal birthday weeks, all 20 sided rolls are + 2, all skills are + 10%.

Character Anniversary

Each anniversary the character, with the blessing of his/her god or goddess, will get to re-roll any and all dice rolls once each for that day! You must accept the result of the re-roll.

Dice Rolls

High, Mid, Low, and Standard Roll Rules
To stay on the honor system, use our own dice rather than a computer program, we use a high, mid, & low roll rule. This is sent by gm to another player than the one rolling over private message. No message means standard rolls.
High- 100 is 1, 1 is 99. 20 is 20, 1 is 1.
Mid- 50 is 1, 49 is 100. 10 is 20, 9 is 1.
Low- 1 is 1, 100 is 100. 1 is 20, 20 is 1.
Standard- Number rolled is number given.
None of this applies if using the computer dice roller.

Occasionally the GM may ask all involved to roll on Roll20 for essential, life changing/threatening rolls.

A roll of 1-4 is always a miss, regardless

Holy and Magic Weapons

Holy Weapons are nearly indestructible and never dull. They can only be destroyed or damaged by a God, Greater Demon, Dragon, or minion of the Gods, or an attack by a Rune Weapon. To do so, the attack must deliberately be targeted at the weapon. The weapon is still S.D.C, however.
Magic weapons also never dull, but may be destroyed.

Fumble Rolls

Natural 1 on a 20 sided die is a fumble- go immediately to fumble tables. If fumble table says possibility of striking someone, roll new strike roll 1-4 misses automatically, as in all rolls. There are no double fumbles (1 followed by 1 for strike on fumble table means miss)

Horror Factor

Players can ignore horror factor if they have faced the creature/race 4 times successfully in combat.


At the end of each session an MVP will be picked by the player characters. That PC will get a bonus 5000 xp, and an attendance point.


Five consecutive logs (5 separate games in a row) by all players that attend is worth a bonus “Ace in the Hole” for each player— a special item that can be played at any time for a success (or almost success) on any one roll — strike, dodge, parry, skill, etc. For strike rolls (ignore normal bonuses except for contested rolls) it will add 10 to the die roll and a critical strike on a 15 which means a 5 or better will crit and a 4 or lower will hit normally. For dodge rolls the dodge is an automatic success except on a Nat 20 and does not cost an action. For parry rolls the parry is an automatic success except on a Nat 20. For skill rolls it temporarily boosts the skill up to 98% (take into account normal negatives and modifiers). For perception rolls this is considered a Nat 20 — nothing, I mean absolutely nothing escapes this character’s range of perception — even including things not normally visible, audible, or sensible by the character (invis, magically invis, ethereal, scentless, otherworldly, etc.) Any player may only accrue ONE “Ace in the Hole” at any given time. This means it must be played before you can earn a second one.
Only 2 ace in the holes can be played in one game for the players. This makes it very easy for the players still, but does not make it too easy.
Bosses cannot be killed by just playing an ace (drama cards are still fine). This would take all the challenge out of the game. Bosses include any holder of a Part, plus major enemies like Gods, ReSet, and Blessing. It can be used can be used to succeed on particular attack on one individual guaranteed so failed save or auto hit- as long as the Enemy is not immobilized completely or down below 1/2 hit points. This same also applies to the GM against CrIsis.

6 game logs in a row by any one player also gives a separate award- a drama card! This drama card must be used over the next 6 attended sessions- in other words, before a new logs in a row card can be awarded. Past drama card results are here.

Players will do the official log, on time, on time being done by midnight (11:59pm) Pacific the Sunday before the following game, when it is their turn. Penalty is loss of 10,000 xp and an attendance point. Standard logs are due by midnight Pacific time the Wednesday before the following game.

Logs that need a response from an NPC should be done by Sunday midnight Pacific so that the GM has time to reply. The first log that is in will get a response- any after that will be done as time allows. If there is a log that had not been responded to previously it becomes first in line the next game.

The character log reward rule started with the game 7/20/13. Thanks to Witchcraft for the idea!



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